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What is a skateboarding trick? Are you a beginner? Do you want to know some simple tips for beginners? What should be learned first? There are lots of questions that are given by beginners. Follow us and we will discuss some interesting tips.

15 easy skateboard tricks for beginners

Skateboarding is a sport, it’s also a very difficult game. To master this, you need to practice persistently. During the exercise, you will certainly be injured. After that hard time, you will definitely become a skateboarder with many professional skills.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
How many tricks do you know about skateboarding to become a professional athletes from a beginner

To be a good skateboarder, you must learn the skills and tricks that not everyone can do. However, there are many simple tips for beginners as well.

Tricks in skateboarding are performing skillful movements with the skateboard, based on experience to complete a particular skill. Tricks are one of the most important parts of modern skateboarding.

As a beginner, you have always wondered what techniques are there for a beginner to follow? Which technique should you practice first and which technique is simple for you to try?

The following article will help you learn more easy skateboarding tips for beginners:

1.Ollie – super easy skateboard tricks

Oille is a basic technique. This is probably the first technique that beginners should practice. Because this technique is the foundation of doing more complex movements later. Once you learn Ollie, it can be much easier for you to practice other skills, including creating your techniques.

beginner tricks for skateboarding
The Ollie is the first trick you should learn when you start skateboarding.

Ollie is a jumper with a skateboard. The first step is to stomp on the back of the skateboard so that the rear wheels and the tail hit the ground. Thanks to that, the nose is raised.

The player, after stepping on the tail, will stand on the board and practice swinging. The front foot will stand in the middle or near the nose of the skateboard.

You should practice for the nose to bounce repeatedly and then return to the original position.
To do this, you need to learn how to control the force of your body on the skateboard. This allows you to control the board in the way you like.

Once you have mastered the movement of your legs and the pop of the skateboard, you can move your front foot to other positions on the skateboard. Learn to play while standing still. Just lower your center of gravity and put pressure on the back foot. While stepping on the tail of the board, you should keep controlling so that the board does not touch the ground.

After mastering, you should practice this trick to become more flexible and mature. This action requires agility and smooth coordination between jumping and flipping the board. The great idea is to think that you are overcoming real obstacles. Hard work, persistent practice will bring you the results you want. This move allows players to jump and jump through obstacles.

Most of the other tricks have a basic starting point from Ollie. Therefore, skaters need to spend a considerable amount of time learning this technique.

2. Nollie

The term “Nollie” is short for Nose Ollie. Like Ollie, instead of doing the pop-off at the tail, we do that on the nose of the skateboard.

beginner tricks on a skateboard
Like Ollie, instead of doing the pop-off at the tail, we do that on the nose of the skateboard.

Starting with a jump. Players bend their knees and turn on the nose of the board. Therefore, the skateboard is close to the body when jumping. The skateboarder then moves his back feet to slide for balance.

Once you grasp the basics of Nollie, you can perform difficult movements. Many professional players consider Nollie to be one of the most important tricks to get started.

Along with Ollie, Nollie also needs time to practice to master. The more difficult moves are built on Nollie’s basic functionality as well.

Try to practice, although it is simple. If you do not persist in practice, you will not be able to master this technique.

3. Shuvit

It is one of the simple tricks which is chosen by many young people to practice. Shuvit is a skateboard trick that can be used with longboards and conventional skateboards. It is great to practice on flat ground for beginners.

easy beginners skateboard tricks
It is a simple trick that many young people love to practicing because it is very hot and cool

This is the first flip move to learn. You should give it a try today because when it does, it looks really cool. This is even better when you play with a longboard. That’s why the longboard is not a bad choice to do this move!

Here, the player will press the tail of the board and jump. Then the rider let the board rotate 180 degrees.
Imagine this movement like you are using your feet to throw a board up to rotate it around, then catch again.

First, you need to turn your body back in the most natural position. At this time, the front shoulder will be in the position of the back shoulder. The front foot is placed on the nose of the board and the back foot is placed about enough distance to perform the movement. Then, you use the body force to turn on the board and control the 180-degree swivel board.

It will be great if the player controls the board perfectly. This is also the first simple trick that beginners should learn. Not too difficult, you just need to practice many times to be able to perform in front of friends and relatives.

4. Pop shuvit

Pop Shuvit is a variant of Shuvit. To do this, you first need to roll the skateboard forward at normal speed. Put your feet in the same position as in the Ollie trick.

After doing the basic starter moves, you begin to lift and control the tail of the board to flip the board and spin 180 degrees. As your foot bounces off the board, you need to gently control your toes to rotate the board. You should impact and fling the tail while using the front foot to control the movement. You do not need to slide the front foot upward like Ollie, but the front foot is more effective in assisting with 180 degrees rotation.

When the board is lifted off the ground and rotates at 90 degrees, you need to hold your feet to fit the board properly. It allows for ventilation and time to rotate.

Once the skateboard has completed its rotation, you should quickly place your front foot on the nose of the board so that the rotation of the board can be stopped. Then, placing both feet on the board before it falls back to the ground. Lowering the board with all four wheels at the same time, the rider lowers his head to reduce impact force and keeps the center of gravity of the body back to a steady status.

easy beginner skateboard tricks
Fighting, this trick is not as difficult as you think!

Try your best and you can do it!

5. Frontside 180 degrees

After mastering the ollie and pop shuvit, you should improve your ability with Frontside 180 dgrees.

easy skateboarding tricks for beginners
You should improve your ability with Frontside 180 dgrees.

When doing this, place your back foot in Ollie’s position. The foot position is similar to an Ollie except you put your back foot a bit more on the outside of the tail. As you lean down, turn your front foot backward to prepare yourself for the turn.

When you start to jump and turn forward, you rotate shoulders and body parts forward in a rotating motion. At that time, the legs will automatically rotate forward in the direction of movement of the body.

To complete the 180 degrees rotation, you should hit the ground with all four wheels once you have mastered. If you are not professional yet, you may lose focus so the two front wheels reach the ground first. Continue doing movements like skateboarding around. When you land, you need to do this to regain your body’s balance.

6. Backside 180 degrees

A Backside 180 is an Ollie with a 180 degrees turn but the body and board move in a backward motion with the back of your body exposed first. The key to doing this trick is the movement of the player’s shoulder. You won’t be able to do this if your shoulders and hips don’t turn 180 degrees.

easy skate tricks for beginners
It is a jump movement combined with rotating the board forward 180 degrees which sounds complicated but very simple!

As the name suggests, it is a 180 degrees variant of the front side. This is one of the really easy tricks to do on a skateboard. Players do not need to practice too much but can still master.

To do it, you first need to move the skateboard forward with comfortable speed. You should not go too slow. If you stand still, this will be even more difficult.

Placing your hind feet with your toes slightly tilted towards the tail of the skateboard. The slide is set as if it were in the Ollie position. However, the front heel is slightly sagging.

Practicing jumping and shoulder rotation in the opposite direction from 180 degrees. Usually, beginners turn to the left. For professional players, they will swing to the right.

When relaxed, the rider’s shoulders will be parallel to the board, doing Ollie at this time. Then, the board will rotate the Backside naturally.

While turning in the air, slide your front foot onto the board. This helps you to control the board according to your intentions.

In this procedure, you can turn your head freely. Normally, the player would make a correct 180 degrees turn. This free turn helps players determine where they land.

7. Kickflip

Although it is a basic Trick in skateboarding, Kickflip is quite difficult to perform. Kickflip is a trick that has been around for a long time and is practiced by many people to level up.

easy skateboard tricks to learn
Learn how to jump correctly and keep balance when doing the movement.

To perform this skill, you also need to master skills like ollie, nollie.

Before performing the trick, you should skate at a comfortable speed and your feet are positioned like an ollie. The front foot is tilted slightly towards the nose of the board. Each person will have a different footing position but putting your foot like that will make it easier to do the flip.

Bending over and performing as you are doing ollie. Then, gradually lift your body and prepare for a jump. Do this almost immediately after the tail of the board touches the ground.

Relax your back foot and immediately slide your front foot to the nose of the board as you would an ollie. The difference here is that instead of directing the board towards the tip of the forefeet, you will let the board touch the edge of the fore toes. The player needs to jump high enough to make a certain amount of time. This gives the board enough time to flip in the air.

As your toes slide off the board, you have to make room for the skateboard to flip. For the board to complete a turn, you can see the deck of the skateboard.

You need to control the time your skateboard flip over. After the flip is completed, the player places their feet on the board to prevent its rotation. Holding the board with your hind legs to control the skateboard in the air.

Then, control the nose of the board tilting towards the ground. Once you land on the ground, you need to lower your center of gravity toward the higher tail of the board, avoiding too much pressure on one side, and it is easy to break the board.

After landing on the ground, you can make a winding move before returning to equilibrium.

Do this over and over until you feel the kickflip completely natural.

8. Manual (Wheelie)

A very effective trick in balancing for beginners is manual. Manual is the trick where a skateboard rider control the board to move with one axis, mainly relies on the rear wheels.
easy skateboard tricks for beginners that look cool
One of the tips to help you practice balance so you can practice skillful movements later!

Firstly, you should start by skateboarding forward and placing your hind feet on the board tail. You slide forward at a slow speed, to be able to control your posture.

Then, move the back leg towards the back of the board. You place your feet in a comfortable position that is convenient for performing the movement. It is recommended to place back legs in the curved position of the tail of the skateboard. The front foot can be placed in the middle of the board or at the top.

Balance is the most important factor. Therefore, players should lower the knees to keep the concentration, creating balance for the body. If the legs are too straight, it can be difficult to balance.

Continue to shift your center of gravity to the back foot. When doing this move, the player slightly tilted the upper body forward. Pressure and force are added to the back, causing the top of the skateboard to lift. You have to keep in mind that do not lean back. Because that will easily cause you to fall.

Maintaining body balance is extremely important. Feeling your natural balance. If you see your skateboard moving backward, lean forward to change the weight placed on the board. This is the secret to balance in this movement.

To end the movement, simply push your front leg down. Shifting the center of gravity from the back legs to the front legs, helping the skateboard return to its normal state.

The front wheel will hit the ground, the upper body will tilt forward. Ideally, you should end the movement gently to avoid the strong impact that could cause a break.

Mastering this trick, you will become extremely skilled when combined with other skills.

9. Powersliding

Powersliding is another pretty simple trick in skateboarding. By performing movements to apply a certain force, stopping the skateboard with the four wheels causes the wheels to rub against the ground and stops.

super easy skateboard tricks
An elegant and skillful technique used to slow down or stop a skateboard, without touching the ground.

A Powersliding is performed as you slide, swing the board. To do that, you must be confident in skateboarding and good balance.

For beginners, it is advisable to slide at a comfortable pace. You should not go too slow, as it will be difficult to create friction to suddenly stop the wheel. The advice is to slide at high speed but controlling the speed and behavior.

To practice, you look for a place with flat terrain such as a park, slide, concrete road. When doing this, you shift your focus to the front leg. Slide the wheels 180 degrees so the board is horizontal. This activity explains the state of straightening your legs after sliding to the halfpipe.

The remarkable thing is to drag or slide the wheels, to create friction with the road surface. This makes it possible for a board to use suddenly.

This is a very good technique to slow down, use a skateboard without touching the ground. In the first few times, it will be hard for you to succeed. Don’t get discouraged and keep working towards your goal.

10. Hippie Jump

This is an extremely simple trick and easy to do. When skateboarding, you just jump into the air but not impact the board.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
To practice, you should try with a small rock. Hippie jump gives you an extremely good balance.

Hippie Jump is a classic trick that any beginner can learn. Not only longboard but with skateboard you can also perform this technique.

Basically, this technique helps you overcome an obstacle like a barricade or row of seats. To master this skill, you need to practice the following basic steps:

  • First, move closer to the obstacle and put your weight behind the board. This will make it easier for you to jump over and land more safely.
  • Let the skateboard move through the obstacles. The player simply jumps without applying force to the skateboard. Please jump straight, do not jump forward because maybe when you land, the skateboard has not moved to your position. To create safety, when jumping you should jump high by raising your knees close to your chest.
  • When learning Hippie Jump, players should learn with a longboard and a small obstacle to make it easier to practice.
  • When landing, beginners will put their feet on the ground because of the scare. You must overcome this fear to be able to safely land on the board most naturally.

The trick is to practice jumping up and down the board without obstacles. After you have mastered it, you can overcome obstacles.

11. 180 degrees No-Comply

A simple and beautiful trick is 180 degrees No- Comply. This is a simple, soothing technique that will help you relax after practicing difficult movements.

how to do easy skateboard tricks for beginners
180 degrees No- Comply will help you relax after practicing difficult movements.

To do this, you place your front foot on the ground while the skateboard is moving. Then let your back legs turned the board tail. At the same time rotating your body on the front side. Continue to put your feet on the ground on the board and move.

When rotating your body, focus the force on the front foot. This causes your body to rotate to the side. Many people do this, but it’s not true at all. When moving, try to rotate your body in the same position.

Release your front leg from the board as soon as your body has started to rotate. The time of the back leg to swing the tail from the back to the front is also the time when the front foot touches the ground.

Do not let the back foot slide off the skateboard during rotation, as it is easy to fail the movement. Use your front legs to push the slide forward as if the track is in the correct direction. Then, bring your front leg up off the ground and back onto the skateboard after you’ve completed your tail kick.

When you feel stress or fatigue, you should use this technique to relieve the pressure. Practice to improve your skills and entertain yourself.

12. Rock to Fakie

One intermediate trick you should practice is Rock to Fakie. At first glance, however, you can see that this is a difficult technique. The movements may seem intimidating and difficult, but with a little practice, you can do it.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
Don’t be afraid, practice regularly you will kill it.

When learning this trick, it’s a good idea to choose a narrow place. The most suitable is about 3-5m in length. In terms of training, you just need to practice according to the correct process to learn this procedure without causing injury. Anything wrong with the practice conventions can also hurt first-time learners.

To start, make sure that you can slide on Also slips on the ramp, but Axle Stall has certain differences with Rock to Fakie.the pipe without any problems. The skateboarder steers the skateboard up the pipe and at the end of the pipe, the player stops the board.

Then, scrolling back down to return to the original position. This backward movement is in the opposite direction, called the Fakie.

Controlling the speed to get to the top of the quarter pipe is a tricky skill. Many people were only halfway down the slope and lost their speed so they had to slide again.

Do you want to swing at the cope? To do that, when you move the board up to the quarter pipe, you lean in front of the board. Then, you apply a small amount of force to the front leg while leaning at the same time. Therefore, a force is applied to the back leg, which is less than the front leg.

For beginners, it is possible to use a small rock for practice. Place the skateboard on the center of the rock, then practice sweep of a pendulum. It is extremely effective in keeping the balance when performing Rock to Fakie later.

Rock to Fakie is easily confused with a trick called Rock and roll. Because they are related but have a little different meaning.

13. Axle Stall

Also slips on the coping of the quarter pipe, but Axle Stall has certain differences with Rock to Fakie.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
This is not that difficult either, beginners can master it.
First, you also need a relatively steady speed to be able to move the board to the coping. You often have to put in all your strength to move your skateboard up the slope. At the curve, you determine the point at which you will stop the wheel and keep balance on it.
Continue to use force to push the board to the top. At the coping of a quarter pipe, you perform the transition. The skills and manipulation required must be fast because the execution time was very short. Here, you do a 90 degrees swing, leaving the front and rear wheels on the coping. Use shoulder and body movements to keep the center of the board above the coping of the board.
Once you control the wheel shaft parallel to the coping, keep your body weight on the board. Pause the activity for about a second to two. Once the rotation has been completed, the player uses the shoulder to lead the next movement. Raise the top of the nose and move your body back up the slope. Return to downhill transition. As a small note, you should let the weight be able to follow the slope. Once the wheel has completely left the coping, place the four wheels on the transition and keep moving.

14. Pushen

It seems that this technique is quite easy but you should learn the tips to do Pushen in the fastest way. For those who are trying skateboarding for the first time, this is also a skill you need to learn and practice regularly.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
Pushen is an extremely simple and easy technique.

This is very simple. Just use your left leg to push the skateboard forward. Do this fast and toward your back. Do it continuously 4-6 times to stabilize the skateboard. Put your right foot on the board and start skating.

After performing the left foot push, the skateboard moved. You can now put your feet on the board. The foot is placed near the tail of the board so the legs are horizontal on the skateboard and parallel to each other.

When the skateboard shows signs of deceleration, do the push again one or two more times. This makes the board move continuously, without interruption. If interrupted, the player loses the momentum to push the skateboard again from the beginning.

This is a skill that is simple and easy to perform for beginners. Let’s practice to become a good skateboarder.

15. Tips for handling a fall

This is probably something that many young people are wondering when they start skating. Not only beginners, but professional players should also learn tips for dealing with falling. No one skateboard without falling once in a lifetime. In particular, young people who are new to playing will often fall. In addition to using protective equipment such as helmets, sports shoes, protective gear, etc., the proper handling of falls is also important.

easy skateboard tricks for beginners
When exercising, be careful to protect yourself from injury.

To help you avoid skateboarding injuries, here are some clever tips to follow:

  • Skateboarding brings a pretty high risk of twisted legs and sprains. Because when playing skateboard, the feet are directly in contact with the board, also being the control unit.
  • Therefore, the risk of foot injury is very high if you do not have the skills to handle uncertain situations. If you injure your leg, it will prevent you from pain, or even mobility. This is like detention to you.
  • In what ways do professional skater protect their feet? Being agile in judging situations is very important. If you slide too fast and lose speed control, jump off the board quickly before it moves any faster. Don’t stick to the skateboard when you cannot control it. You can jump out and land on both feet, or roll out on the grass. This can reduce your injury.
  • Depending on each specific situation, there is a different behavior. When you fall on the ground, tilt your body when it comes into contact with the ground. It can cause skin injuries or soft tissue injuries. However, it will protect you from serious bone and internal injuries.
  • Avoid injury to the head and face, as there are many control nerves. Stretch the body. Staying rigid will lead to the risk of twisting the wrists and ankles.
  • Relaxation makes your body more resilient, reducing the negative impact of a fall. When you fall, rolling on the ground is much better than using your hands and feet to support your body. This can scratch your skin but avoid internal damage. Injury, whether in any sport from home to the street is unforeseen.

Therefore, please equip yourself with small tips to protect yourself! So with this article, you can pocket yourself 15 basic tips for new skaters. Try practicing today to master these simple skills that not everyone knows.


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