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Keeping balance on the skateboard is one of the hardest skills in skateboarding. To improve the ability to balance on the skateboard, skaters need to spend a lot of time practicing and improving their experience. For beginners, what are the tips for them to practice balance on the skateboard? Let’s learn some simple tips to practice with your skateboard!

How To Balance On A Skateboard? 5 Easy Methods For Beginners

Nowadays, street sports bring them a lot of exciting experiences. In particular, skateboarding brings new feelings. This sport is suitable for those who like thrills. However, to feel all the new things this sport brings, you need to understand “What is skateboarding? and “How to keep balance on the skateboard?”.

how to balance on a skateboard
Practice balance on your skateboard for a fun experience!

Keeping balance on the skateboard is the first thing to learn for a new skateboarder. After mastering the balancing skills, skaters can learn many other complex tricks. If you want to learn skateboarding smoothly, you should start with balance training with your board.

Here are some simple tips for beginners to learn keeping balance :

1. Practice balance on the static skateboard

What is the key factor in keeping balance on a skateboard? Choosing a suitable standing posture is the first step in the balancing process. Firstly, skaters find out a suitable posture to take action. After that, players use their preferred posture to maintain balance on the skateboard. Make sure you are on the skateboard first to keeping balance!

how to keep balance on a skateboard
We often think that balancing with the static board was easy, but for beginners, it was quite difficult.

Choosing your favorite posture to balance on skateboard

Place the hindfoot in the wheel shaft of the skateboard (where the wheel and board are connected). This is the best metric for you. This will help you position your feet for the best balance. If you place your feet close to the center of the board, it will reduce your control ability with the skateboard.

Players can also place their feet in the direction of their shoulders. In this state, the body weight is distributed equally to the feet. The rider can stand naturally, without restraint. Performing this pose helps you balance the skateboard, maximum control over the action.

You should shift the body weight from one foot to the other along with the action that the body aligned and your head in the center. It will help you prepare yourself for a stable posture on the board while performing other movements.

Practice standing on the board:

Before trying to maintain your balance as the skateboard moves, you should practice in a static skateboard. To prevent the board from moving during practice, you try to place your skateboard on the lawn. This prevents the board from moving when we practice. Then, you stand up on the skateboard and find out which posture is best for yourself. You need to focus on improving your skills.

In case you do not have a lawn to place your boards, you can try another way. For example, put two small obstacles in the front and back of the two wheels is also the best solution. This prevents your skateboard from being moved too much.

For beginners, standing on a board when it is not moving is also very difficult. Please put the skateboard in a fixed position. You can place it on a track, or fix it between two walls. Then, you stand on the board. Remember, you shouldn’t grasp or hold onto anything for balance on the skateboard.

Balancing while the skateboard is in a stationary state is very simple and easy. So try practicing now to see the effectiveness.

Shift the  body focus to balance on skateboard:

You can also practice balance by shifting your body focus. You don’t have to practice advanced skills like leaning or gliding the skateboard. Beginners should try to keep their body weight in the center of the skateboard. When standing on a board, you usually put the weight on the heel. Therefore, the player should practice shifting the focus from the heel to the toes. Practice shifting your focus along with keeping your body steady on the board.

To shift the body focus, you can slightly bend your knees. This is a good idea that you can lower the center of gravity close to the ground. Therefore, you will not wobble during the skateboarding process. If you practice for about 15-30 minutes every day, it will bring you wonderful results.

2.Keep balance on the moving skateboard

Balancing in the moving skateboard is more difficult than in the static skateboard. Because, in addition to practice standing well on the board, you need to learn to balance when pushing the board and stopping it. In the skateboarding process, along with the personal factors, there will be impacts of surrounding environmental factors. For this reason, the skater needs to practice seriously in order to achieve good results.

how to learn to balance on a skateboard
Even when practicing pushing a skateboard, standing with both feet on the board, or stopping the board, it takes skills to maintain balance.

Pushing the skateboard:

You should overcome your fear with a moving skateboard and get ready to experience it. For beginners, you can practice balancing with skateboards on flat terrains. Before practicing balance, the riders should make the skateboard move.

First, you try to place your board on the floor. Then, put your front foot on the board and place your other foot on the ground, right behind the forefoot. You can push the board to move it forward. Right in this action, you have to control the body and the board to be balanced. Otherwise, the skateboard will tilt and flip before you can put your other foot on the board.

To keep balance during pushing the board, you should lower the center of gravity. It means that you lower the height of the body by kneeling down a little. The body gravity moves closer to the ground to keep balance and you can stay steady on the skateboard.

You should find out a suitable place for practicing. The ideal place for beginners is round on the park, or the practice skateboarding platforms. If you choose an inclined terrain, make sure the declination of the surface is not too great so you can control the board in the skateboarding process.

Put 2 feet on the board to balance on the skateboard

After pushing the skateboard, you pull your foot back up on the board. Remember, you should the foot behind the joint position on the board. It can help you keep balance better than placing your feet in the middle of the board. The reason is that it gives you the space to control your ankle rotation easily.
Remember that you shouldn’t perform the movements too quickly or too slowly because it will make the board move unintentionally. If it takes too long to do it, you will lose your balance when standing with one foot on the board.

There is a risk that the beginners will slip a few times when practice. Don’t be disappointed because almost every beginner also faces this problem. The fall will alleviate your fear. Try it, you can do it!

Practice standing on the board until it stops completely to balance on the skateboard

You can use your hindfoot to press the rear of the board. You should apply enough force to lower the rear of the skateboard close to the ground, creating friction that stops the board. To balance your body while performing this movement, the player needs to shift the body focus. During the skateboarding process, you need to find out the right rest point. Then, move the body weight from front to back. The process is done as follows:

  • The rider switches the center of gravity by leaning back slightly. Then, they put their weight on the heel of the hindfoot.
  • As the center of gravity changes, the original balance of the skateboard is gone. As a result, the top of the skateboard raises.
  • To maintain balance, players shift their body weight from front to back. They use the heels to control the board. This movement requires the flexibility of the riders. The skaters need to study the theories carefully to practice the best.

3. Control the foot to balance on the skateboard

When skateboarding, the riders rotate their feet on the surface of the skateboard. During the initial period, you will feel unstable. The board will move in the direction that you didn’t want. With regular exercise, you will easily control the foot and the direction of the body. From there, you can gradually control the skateboard as your wish without fear of falling.

how to balance on a skateboard for beginners
Control over your feet and ankles for the best balance on the board.

Depending on the direction of the position that you put your heel, you can adjust the center of gravity. If the gravity of the heel moves to the toes, the board moves accordingly.

You can also flip the board by applying force to your heels and toes. You can practice this movement while you are standing on a moving skateboard. To tilt the board back and forth, players only need to move their body weight gently from left to right and vice versa.

For example, if you transfer weight to the heels, the skateboard will move in the direction of your heels. Depend on your direction on the board, it can move either left or right. If you move the weight to the toe, the board will flip in that direction.

4. Choose the right support device to balance on the skateboard

When choosing the right equipment, you will find confidently and comfortably in any movements. Like balance tips, good shoes and a proper skateboard will help you keep your balance better.

how to have better balance on a skateboard
Choose the right equipment to help you protect yourself and practice more effectively

Skateboarding shoes:

In addition to specialized shoes, you can use sports shoes for skateboarding. However, you need to choose shoes with a suitable design for yourself. The sole should be larger to create a wide contact surface with the board. That helps you keep your balance better. Sneakers should also fit the wearer’s feet. If using a smaller size than usual, it will make the player uncomfortable, affecting the skateboarding process. When using too large shoe sizes, it also leads to certain dangers. While skateboarding, players may slip their shoes off their feet. It not only loses their balance, but they can also fall or injury.

So, when choosing skateboard shoes, you need to carefully consult about the quality as well as the size. Ask the seller or experienced skaters for the best advice.

The skateboard:

You should consider buying a customizable skateboard. Today, skateboarding is a very popular sport in the world. Therefore, there is no shortage of models with different designs for you to choose from. You can find out the suitable type of skateboard for beginners. Depend on your needs and your ability, you can choose the most suitable skateboard. With the skateboard that you can customize according to your purpose, you can choose the one that will help you balance that best and works best for you.

5. Avoid the front and the rear board to balance on the skateboard

On all skateboard types, there is a front part and the rear. Most of these will have an upward side. You do not put too much force on these two positions because it can lift one side of the skateboard and some of the wheels off the ground. Observing the picture, you can easily see its bad effects. Moreover, the center of gravity of the skaters will change and they can not maintain their balance. So the side of the board can kick their foot. It causes certain damage to the player such as swelling, pain, bruising, even fractures.

how to balance on a skateboard
For those who are new to balancing, avoid the front part and  the rear of the skateboard  to limit the dangerous situations.

In order not to have undue injuries from unbalancing on the skateboard, you make sure your feet are on the shaft.

The front part and the rear of the skateboards reinforce, promote the higher jumping effect. Therefore, the player must control the foot to avoid this position to maintain balance during the skateboarding process. You only apply force to these two positions when you perform jumping or kicking the rear of the board.

Stop thinking about practicing advanced skills when you have not mastered the most basic skills. Be sure to master the skills to balance when standing on the board or stopping it. The training time is short or long, depending on the ability to learn of each person. However, you must be comfortable, focus, practice regularly with the exact process. You can practice any complex skill if you’ve learned to keep your balance well.


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