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How to get bearings out of skateboard wheels? This is the question that arises when your wheel portion is no longer running as smoothly as before. So is there a simple way to easily get out the bearings? Check out the article below to be able to practice smoothly.

How to get bearings out of skateboard wheels – Simple instructions

When the wheels of the skateboard roll slowly, not as smooth as when you first bought it, and also make a squeak, it’s time to replace the ball bearing. Or it’s time to clean them up. To do that, you must first learn to remove the bearings from the wheels of the skateboard.

Removing and taking out bearings is not too difficult. With just a few simple tools, you will do just that. Removing, replacing, or cleaning bearings can take only a few minutes. However, if you do not know the correct action, it will take longer than that.

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels
There are many reasons for you to get bearings out of the skateboard wheels. For whatever reason, you also need to be careful not to damage your skateboard wheels

There are many reasons for you to have your skateboard bearings off your wheels. You can remove it for cleaning, also for replacement or repair. For whatever reason, you need to learn how to remove bearings safely.

Many stores sell skateboards and skateboard equipment, often providing useful complementary tools to the market. Or they can take the bearings off the skateboard for you for free if you have a need. However, it is time-consuming to come to the store or ask someone else.

Because it is a simple operation. You just need to be careful to get the bearing out without damaging the wheels.

As a professional skateboarder, everyone knows how to get bearings correctly. It’s also a good idea to learn to yourself how to take bearings off the wheel with basic steps.

Before getting into the basics, you’ll need to place your skateboard on a flat surface for easy access.

To get the bearing out correctly, here’s how to simply and easily remove it from the wheels:

Step 1: Remove the nut on the wheel

You use a tool specially designed for the skateboard to do the removal process. You can also use a wrench to do this.

If you have a T-Type (Ratchet Socket skateboard tool) you use it to remove the nuts at the end of the shaft. The T-Type makes it easier to remove than using a regular wrench.

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels
You can use T-Type or wrench to remove wheel nuts easily with simple operation
  • Firstly, you have to place the tool’s socket on the screw on the wheel.
  • Next, you do the T-Type rotation. When rotating, it exerts a certain pressure on the joint which is the nut. Meanwhile, these screws will be in the direction of rotation out of the Ratchet Socket.
  • Gradually, the joints will loosen and you can remove the wheels from the skateboard.

Notice that you should rotate the correct direction of the screw. If you rotate the nut in the wrong direction, you will only make it tighter. Usually rotate this tool counter-clockwise so that the wheel can be removed easily.

So in the absence of a T-Type, what should you do? As mentioned above, we can use another device instead, which is the wrench.

  • When using the wrench, you should choose the right size for bolts and screws. This makes it possible to match the wrench to the nut. From there, you can easily turn the nut out.
  • Usually, the wheel nut is 13mm in size. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate size spanner to remove the screw.

If you intend to replace all the bearings, remove all nuts on all four wheels. When the nuts are removed, be sure to place them in the correct position. This location is convenient when you reassemble or take away to clean the bearing. And be sure, you won’t forget the screws that are in place. Because these nuts are quite small and many. There have been many cases, after being disassembled, they were dropped, or even lost.

In case you know for sure which wheel is having problems, remove only the equipment on that wheel.

You should not remove all bearings. It may take a long time to reinsert without the correct technique. Just take out the bearings in case you can’t identify which wheel is having problems. You can also remove them all for cleaning the bearings.

Step 2: Slide the wheel to the end of the shaft

You use the bearing itself to take the bearing off the wheel. Therefore, you should only slide the wheel towards the end of the shaft. Do not pull too much, it will cause the wheel to slide out of the bearing. Move the wheel so that it is at the end of the bearing and remains on the shaft

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels
You should pull the wheel part carefully. Also, you need to avoid the wheel from sliding off the shaft if using the shaft bar to push the bearings
  • If you have the tool to pull the bearing onto the end of the shaft, then you should use it. Instead of using bearings to remove bearings, use a tool specifically designed for skateboard to remove. In this way, you will remove the detachable wheel from the shaft.
  • If you don’t have specialized tools, make the most of your skateboard. With the nut removed, pull the wheel portion toward the top of the shaft. However, use moderate pull, so that you do not slip off the shaft.

The wheel shaft itself will be the part that helps you remove the bearings from the wheel. Most people use the bearing to remove it because it’s pretty simple. And also not everyone has enough special tools for skateboards.

On a side note, the wheel has a washer. The washers are the part between the wheel and the shaft. The washers are used to help the joint between the wheel and the wheel shaft not to be rubbed too much.

Furthermore, the gasket in the middle of the ball bearing is used to prevent the harsh noises during metal friction.

It helps to reduce wheel wear. Therefore, you should pay close attention when pulling the wheel on the shaft, the washer may fall off if you do not pay attention.

Step 3: Using the bearing bar to pry the bearing out of the wheel

Khi vừa kéo bánh xe lên đầu thanh ổ trục, bạn thực hiện các thao tác như sau:

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels
As you pull the wheel to the top of the bearing bar, do the following:
  • Firstly, you place the wheel in the palm of the left hand. You should still make sure the wheels are on top of the shaft bar. The fingers of the left hand are wrapped around the wheel. Create a pose to do the lever action. The hand holding the wheel so that it is both comfortable and firm will perform the movement easier. The fingers are wrapped around the outside of the wheel.
  • Secondly, you use your right hand holds the wheel shaft. The thumb is on one side of the shaft, the other fingers are pressed against the other side of the wheel shaft. In this state, your hand will be very firm. You can apply controlled force to push the bearing out.
  • Before applying the lever, move the wheel to the correct position. The wheel must be placed at the end of the bearing. The shaft end will make contact with the bearing inside the wheel.
  • Apply a force of the right hand on the wheel shaft. Use the lever to push the bearing off the wheel. One end of the bearing will press down strongly inside the wheel, the other end will be pushed out. When performing the movement, the right hand applies pressure, the left hand holds the wheel. Otherwise, the wheel will pop out of your hand.

This is like opening the bottle. When you imagine that, you can do it properly.

If you intend to replace a new one, damaging the old one is not a problem. You can customize the force as you like to pry the bearings.

However, when you pry, you should also preserve the wheel. You should avoid falling or a strong impact. Otherwise, your wheels will break down or break very quickly. You will have to spend a lot of money to replace a new wheel.

In case you remove it to clean the bearing, you need to ensure lightness. After you finish the cleaning process, you will have to reinsert it again. Therefore, you need to be gentle and careful to avoid damaging the bearing.

If you use a special tool kit – the bearing puller, you can place the top of the object in the bearing. This item will have the effect of hooking to the edge of the bearing bar. Then you just need to pull out and it’s done.

Step 4: Get the second bearing out of the wheel

After you remove the first bearing, then you can remove the second on the same wheel. This is the same as the first bearing removal and is simple and easy to do.

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels
Carry out the removal of the second bearing similar to the first one

You just need to flip the wheel, then place the bearing bar on the second bearing. You redo the pry process to pull the second ball bearing off the wheel.

Once the bearing is removed, you will need to bring the bearing to the cleaning, if the purpose is to clean the bearing. Or you can also throw it away if you intend to change it completely.

When you have completed all the steps, you can simply remove the bearing from the wheel. All that you have you have to do to maintain or renew the bearings for your skateboard.

The above information is a share on how to simply get bearings out of skateboard wheels. You can apply this way to perform the correct operation.


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