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Learning to stop skateboard is extremely necessary and useful. It helps us to avoid some urgently dangerous situations. There are some simple tips to stop skateboard for the beginner. Let’s try to practice to protect ourselves and others.

How to stop on a skateboard?

When moving on the skateboard, the important thing that needs noticing is stopping the skateboard at the right time. If not, you can highly encounter the danger of some accidents and trauma. To stop the skateboard timely, you should learn some tips to ensure self-safety.

To stop the skateboard, the player put their leg on the ground. That helps the skateboard to slowly move and stop. The player should not put their leg on the ground when moving at a high speed. It will be extremely dangerous. By using a small force, to influence the moving process, it will lessen the movement speed. Then, you should put their leg to stop. If not, the skateboard will continuously move. This way helps to stop the skateboard for the beginning player.

how to stop on a skateboard
Learning to stop on a skateboard rightly, it helps you to ensure safety for yourself and your skateboard.

Learning to stop the skateboard is a skill in the skateboard subject. It helps you to stop the skateboard in a “cool” way as well as rescue you from undesirable trauma.

There are many ways for you to stop or interrupt the movement speed of a skateboard. To the beginner start playing the skateboard, they should choose some simple tips and the easiest tips to practice.

Stopping the skateboard is an extremely necessary thing. To control some dangerous cases, players should practice some tips for skating in a fluent way. After the practice time, the player became professional, then they should learn some skills to stop the more complex skateboard movement.

Depending on the beginner or professional players, it can have some suitable technics to stop the skateboard. The player can learn some basic skills or choose some more premium skills.

Excepting the way of stopping skateboard, the players need to practice observation and identification skills. Depending on the case, you will choose some suitable tips for stopping skateboard. Some different stopping cases will have some different stopping ways. That is also the thing for players to learn.

Daily practice will help you to improve your level. When holding those technics become fluently, you can practice some harder actions. Firstly, let’s frequently practice some basic tips for stopping skateboard, then upgrade your ability step by step and practice some complex actions.

Learning to stop the skateboard rightly will keep you safe. Simultaneously, protecting our health, we should also learn some stopping technics to avoid damaging some equipment. This is an important thing. The skateboard is valuable. Nowadays, many people use some methods to stop causing any damages. Therefore, we need to have some protective solutions for protecting players and skateboards.

Some tips for stopping skateboard to the beginner

The beloved simple tips for new members in this subject:

Some technics for stopping skateboard to the beginner can easily practice. Those actions can perform in the eye-catching way to viewers. However, it is extremely effective in ensuring safety.


1. Jump off the skateboard

Mostly, a player’s mentality will jump out of the game when something goes wrong. When no longer able to control, this is the optimal way to help players stop the skateboard.

how to stop on a skateboard
In case of emergency, unable to control the skateboard, let’s jump outside to avoid potential dangers

For beginners, this is instinct. An unconditional reaction when falling into a fear status. It can negatively affect the skateboard or people around it, jumping off a board is not a bad way.

This is one way when the player completely loses control of their skateboard. Beginners in skateboarding should only use this as a last resort. When the board moves too quickly, newbies will not have many skills to deal with complex situations. Choosing how to jump out of the game. This could injure you, but it will help you avoid worse situations if the skateboard continues to move.

In the case that you can control your skateboard, you can still use this method.


2. Shave the tailboard 

This is an action that is simply understood as shaving the tail of a skateboard. One of the most basic skatings stops tips. Players should only do this when the skateboard is moving slowly.

how to stop on a skateboard
A very quick and simple way to stop the board, be sure to check the tail of your skateboard!

Is the simplest measure but causes damage to the board. Doing this is extremely simple. The player only needs to press the end of the board onto the road surface. Thanks to friction while moving, the skateboard will stop. To do it, the player applies force to the hind leg. This changes the center of gravity of the plank. The skateboard will tilt backward, making the bottom of the board in contact with the ground. Therefore, the plank tail will be pulled along the concrete pavement. Scraping the tail like this creates a frictional force, preventing the board from continuing to move.

The speed of stopping the skateboard is dependent on the force of the foot applied by the player. The actuation force is proportional to the stopping speed. If the player exerts a great force on the tail, the faster the game will stop and vice versa.

Performing a plank tail scraping, you can easily control the board to stop at will.

Try this practice while on the road or in the park. Because this is a place with favorable terrain conditions to practice. For beginners, should not choose places with rough surfaces. It will be difficult to perform the full motion.

However, performing this trick will cause your skateboard to wear out in the tail. The board may be scratched, cracked, or broken.

In order to improve this situation, there is no way. Professional skateboarders shared a very helpful tip when doing this while providing maximum protection for the skateboard. Players put their heels back, and the toe part is still on the tip of the skateboard. When you step on the plank, the heel will be a replacement grounding part for the tail. This is very effective to keep your board beautiful.


3. Pull the heel

This is the solution to overcome limitations of skating the tail of the skateboard. Do nearly a tail shave. When doing this, place your weight on your heels. While the skateboard is in motion, move your heel off the board, however keeping your toes on the board.

how to stop on a skateboard
Both ensuring safety for themselves and protecting the skateboard. Why not try the tip of the heel

Then, control the force of the body to the heel. This will lose the center of gravity of the skateboard, causing the front section of the board to lift up. As a result, the skateboard will lose momentum and stop.

With this move, stopping the board will be faster than scraping the tail of the skateboard. This is because the material that makes up the sole (rubber as usual) will help you stop faster than pulling on the wooden tail of the skateboard due to friction.

Same as the tip of the tail, both focus on the rear of the skateboard. However, in the post-plank shave, the player places the focus on the hind feet. For a heel pull, move the center of gravity down to the heel. This stops the skateboard faster than most other methods of stopping.

Players should take the time to regularly practice. Because of this practice, it takes time to get familiar.


4. Push legs back

This is one of the measures to stop the skateboard for beginners. Pushing legs back is a very simple and easy measure.

how to stop on a skateboard
One of the simplest ways to stop the skateboard for beginners, try to control the center of gravity to keep your body balance.

Here, players use their feet to push the skateboard, acting a certain force on the road surface. The key of this method is to keep a majority of the center of steady gravity to the foot on the skateboard.

Unlike the methods outlined, this one works differently. Players move and move their legs push out. Put pressure on the heel of the foot push, and push on the ground. This will interfere with the movement of the wheel. Therefore, the movement speed can be slow and stop the skateboard.

Wanting to stop the game quickly depends on the pressure of impact. The greater the force applied, the faster the skateboard will stop. However, when performing movements need to adjust to keep the body balance. Avoid the case of tilting and falling.

Quickly practice this method of stopping the game. Frequently practice is the only way to become professional.


5. Slide tilt wheel

A pretty common tip among skaters. This is also a very useful trick for beginners. You need to spend some time researching and practicing to practice well. Make sure to do your best, as this may cause you to fall over and over during the practice.

how to stop on a skateboard
The simple way to stop the skateboard that children should learn to improve their own level and abilities.

First, you must keep your balance with your surfboard. Then practice standing upright on it. Once you have stabilized and are standing on the board, turn the skateboard. As the skateboard is moving forward, the player moves the top of the board to the arbitrary side. Then, depending on the wheel of the plank and tilt the board to one side. This causes the skateboard to tilt out of orbit. One side of the wheel was raised, causing the wheel to rotate in the air and unable to continue on the road.

Finally, players just need to jump out safely. A small note in this trick is that players should choose for themselves a suitable stop. When you land, there will be no danger.

By stopping this board, your wheels can quickly wear out. Therefore, check the wheel section regularly. During the exercise, if you find the tire is too worn, replace the tire with a new one.

6. Power Slide

Power slide is an interesting movement, giving variety to deceleration, braking, and transitions along your skateboarding journey. Like other tips, power slides help you improve your performance.

how to stop on a skateboard
Practice good balance to do this perfectly!

This procedure includes motion gestures such as turning the plank to the side, letting the wheel slow down, and come to a complete stop. Think of it as you are stepping on your brakes while riding a bicycle.

Just slide vigorously forward as the skateboarder turns the board and uses his hind legs to steer, stopping the rear wheels. As a result, the whole skateboard stopped.

For better training, you should speed up your skateboard a bit. The purpose of this move is to help you reduce or stop the game while moving at high speed.

Place your forefoot on the top peg of the board. Meanwhile, the hind legs must be placed at the end of the board. Note, do not place the foreleg too close to the top of the game.

Powerslides will be a lot easier if you don’t use all your body force to push the panel down. Bend your knees for balance before the swivel slide. Jump up and high with very little force to reduce the friction between the wheel and the ground. After the person has been lifted, the player moves their hind legs to slide the wheel aside.

Stopping the board suddenly can affect your balance while standing on the skateboard. So, in addition to stopping the game, train yourself skills for balance.

Learning how to move on a skateboard is already difficult, learning how to stop it is even more difficult. Timely and timely stopping the skis will ensure the safety of you and those around you. As well as ways to learn to move, there are many ways to practice stopping as well. It is important that you be persistent and diligent.



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