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What are the differences between longboard vs skateboard? What kind of skateboard should we use? How to use it? Perhaps, this is a question that many young people are wondering. Let’s find the answers to these questions!

What are the differences between longboard vs skateboard?

Skateboarding is a street sport to form the health, as well as the ability to keep balance. The rider performs a series of movements, to place his foot on the wheeled board and the other leg placed on the surface. Skateboarder uses the force of his body to make the passing board move forward.

longboard vs skateboard
Today, the sport of skateboarding is strongly widespread and becomes a popular trend among young people.

Since the 50s of the twentieth century, the idea of ​​a skateboard was developed by surfers. Instead of surfing on the sea surface, they wanted to experience the feeling of “surfing on land”. That’s why the first skateboard was born. However, it was only popular in the 90s of the same century.

Today, the sport of skateboarding is strongly widespread and becomes a popular trend among young people. It is not only a means to exchange and learn new thing among young people, but also be used to bring to the world competition.

However, despite being quite popular in society, not everyone can distinguish the types of skateboards. Many people don’t know how different longboards vs skateboards are? Because they look quite similar on the outside. In reality, they have certain differences. Let’s find out these differences:

1. Size:

  • Skateboard: The length of the skateboard ranges from 28-34 inches, the width ranges from 7-10 inches (length and width depending on the manufacturer or according to the requirements of the customer). Therefore, it is convenient and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Longboard: Longer than regular skateboard (average length 36-60 inches), width also ranges from 8-10 inches with tapering towards both ends for increased stability.
difference between longboard and skateboard
Each type of skateboard has different sizes that suits the user’s purpose.
  • For beginners, they should use the longboard as its width and length are superior, making it easier to balance compared to regular skateboards.
  • The wheels of these two types are also different. Skateboard wheels are usually small compared to longboard.
  • Small wheels help board often lower the user’s center of gravity. The average area is about 1.9 – 2.1 inches (equivalent to 4.8 – 5.4 cm). This control allows riders to move and manipulate quickly in a narrow range.
  • For longboard, the wheels range from 2.6 to 4.2 inches (6.5 to 10.7 cm). The larger size and the softer wheel make it easy to move over long distances.

2. Shape:

Both longboard vs skateboard have relatively similar designs, and both have a cylindrical plank that steadily curves upwards in the direction of the ends. Underneath the board are fitted with wheels, which perform the function of movement, but they still have distinct features for identification.

what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard
Longboards vs skateboards have a variety of styles that produce wonderful sensations.

The majority of skateboards will usually have a similar design and shape. The combination of the board and the small size wheel helps to optimize the movement of the board. The skateboard makes it easier to use tricky techniques like flip, swing and more artistic effects with a longboard.

Longboard has many different sizes and shapes with more features. A flat, long and balanced board is the optimal choice if the skater wants to downhill. In case, the rider wants to speed up, the design of the longboard will have a different change. The deck will be wider, the ends are pointed and smaller, to reduce wind resistance.

Each skateboard manufacturer will calculate how its skateboard is suitable for the user’s purpose.

3. Wheel axle and wheel:

The wheel and axle are the parts that have a important role in the implementation of the technical tricks.

what's the difference between a skateboard and a longboard
The structure of the wheel helps the board move and perform complex techniques.

Skateboard typically has a lower spindle (the link between the wheel and the slide) to increase the swing and movement of the board. The small size wheel helps skaters to easily control movements, handle complex techniques, as well as speed. Most of the wheel of this type has a size ranging from 50 – 59mm. This allows acceleration and is suitable for athletes who like to “surf on land” in the street, parks or performance.

Usually, longboard will have tight wheels to maintain stability and balance. The longboard wheel is larger than the skateboard wheel. That is suitable for many different areas as well as terrain. The size of the wheel is from 60mm or more, this type of skateboard helps riders to climb down the hills, or even rough and rugged surfaces.

In addition, other factors such as the height of the wheel, the distance between the wheels and the lining also affect quite a lot on the quality and performance of the skateboard.

4. Travel:

Many people will find it extremely enjoyable to travel with skateboards in their hands.

difference between a longboard and a skateboard
It is interesting to travel with you with this ultra-slim slide board.

Skateboard is designed with a short control panel, so it is only suitable for use on short or steep distances. It is not suitable that you use a conventional skateboard to travel in a long-distance way. A longboard will be the optimal choice than ever. With a large wheels and panels design, it can hold a balance on any terrain. Therefore, if you are a fan of adventure travel, especially long-distance travel, you should bring a longboard to ensure more safety!

5. Tricks:

To be able to perform professionally with the skateboard, many people have to practice techniques and tricks that not everyone can do.

longboard vs skateboard
Skillful tricks can only be performed when playing skateboarding such as kickflip, heelflip, ollie, etc.

Skateboards are usually compact, suitable for skilled techniques. Designed with small wheels, riders can easily change the center of gravity, perform kickflip, ollie, etc. In addition, the riders can move quickly and smoothly on short, steep roads. This type is suitable for performance or competition.

A longboard is harder to use for more technical moves. However, it can perform long-distance, uneven terrain.

Skateboarding is not simply an ordinary sport, it is an art. Skateboarding requires technical players. Whether used for entertainment or performance, skateboarders also have to go through years of hard training with many injuries to be able to skate proficiently, using skills that require high expertise. Attractive performance in front of a crowded area.

Choosing a skateboard that is suitable for the player’s purpose best is very important. With beginners, how should they choose the types of a skateboard to keep a good degree? As for professionals, which one should be selected to help them move fast?

longboard vs skateboard
Some techniques and tricks in skateboarding.

A conventional skateboard is suitable for park slopes or short slopes or performing. This difference is due to the structure of the skateboard. Small weight, convenient to change the player’s center of gravity, allows them to perform techniques.

With an obstacle terrain, this will be a place to attract young people who want to challenge their abilities. In professional are, you will see the tricks of the riders. To become a professional athlete or a professional skateboarder with kickflip, ollie, etc. you should train yourself with the same skateboard.

With large wheels and soft lining, the longboard helps players move quickly, smoothly without making a loud noise. Not only that, but it also has the ability to use tricks in skateboarding with longboard dancing & freestyle. However, using longboard to perform difficult skills is not as optimal as when using a skateboard.

For those who are new to this sport, this type of skateboard should be used to practice balance for themselves. For those who have a hobby of hiking, this is also a very reasonable choice. Conventional skateboards and longboards both have different advantages and disadvantages. Based on the above specific features, you can choose for yourself a product that suits your needs.


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