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Element is one of the best brands of skateboard wheels available today. Among the millions of products currently on the market, if you choose the skateboard wheels of Element. You will experience skateboarding with high quality brand wheel.

Why do you need a good skateboard wheel?

The skateboard wheel is the part in direct contact with the ground of the skateboard. Therefore, it has a huge impact on the safety of the user.

Moreover, the skateboard wheel is the part that strongly impacts the player’s skateboard movement.

Therefore, anyone who intends to practice skateboarding, or those who are practicing and even professional players need to choose for themselves the right and quality wheel.

To create a complete skateboard. The assemblers need to install the wheel at the drive end of the wheel shaft. Each skateboard has two trucks, each with two bearing ends.

Therefore, if you want to perfect your skateboard, you need all four wheels.

When you buy wheels for your skateboard, you should buy a set of 4, so that your skateboard looks even and complete.

If your skateboard does not have enough parts, you cannot slide on that skateboard.

Especially, the fact that the wheels of the skateboards are not the same size is giving players more choices.

Players will depend on their style of skateboarding and choose large or small wheels to suit their own needs and purposes.

However, in the midst of global integration, the commercial market flourished. Many people do not know how to choose new products and brands that suit their needs.

element skateboards wheels
Element provides various types of skateboard wheels with many designs and categories.

Top 10 Best Element Skateboard Wheels Review – Buyers Guide

Among many reviews about skateboard wheels, Element is one of the most favorite skateboard wheels of both beginner and professional skateboarders.

The reason why Element is loved by many people is that it provides various types of skateboard wheels with many designs and categories. This brand has decades of experience in the profession of manufacturing skateboarding support components. Buyers can be assured of the quality and value of this brand.

Usually, the Element brand’s wheels are made from Urethane. This is a material with high strength, and outstanding wear resistance.

Furthermore, this elastic material contains PU. This material helps to resist inorganic and organic chemicals that adversely affect skateboard wheels.

Some Element wheels are also made using hard rubber material. Thanks to that, the wheels produced by this company are very durable and supple.

Plus points for this material are good ductility and elasticity. Moreover, it is also a user and environment friendly.

It is not only manufactured from premium and safe materials. Element skateboard wheels also offer a variety of shape, hardness, and size properties.

If you want to choose for yourself a good Element skateboard wheel that best suits your skateboard. Please refer to the information below, for more useful knowledge about the 10 popular Element brand’s skateboard wheels:

1. Star Wars™ Mando Wheels

This is a product from the collection “Star Wars Mandalorian”. To celebrate the launch of the hit Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian for Disney +. Element has cherished the idea for this collection for a long time. The collection includes skateboard gear, jerseys, and shoes.

element skateboards wheels
The Star Wars ™ Mando Wheels skateboard wheel features a unique and artistic style thanks to its character icons.

Besides, with equipment that supports extreme sport – skateboarding. The company has designed products inspired by Child and the Mandalorian, Beskar steel.

The Star Wars ™ Mando Wheels skateboard wheel is not also out of this innovative concept.

As you can see, this wheel has a unique and vivid artistic style from the characters in the movie.


  • Product’s name: Star Wars ™ x Element
  • Diameter: 52mm
  • Hardness: 99a
  • Materials: 100% Polyurethane
  • Bearing: Abec 5

Because it has a diameter of 52mm, the Mandalorian x Element wheel makes it easy to do flip tricks. Also, the player can use the wheel for all types of terrain.

The hardness of the wheel reaches up to 100a. With a stiffness close to this level, the wheel allows players to perform street maneuvers and tricks.

As mentioned above, PU is useful against surrounding environmental factors that adversely affect skateboard wheels.

Thanks to Polyurethane, Star Wars ™ Mando Wheels is many times more resistant to wear than conventional rubber.

With the standard scale of Abec 5 bearings, you can rest assured of resistance and safety.

2. Camo Griffin 53mm Wheels

53mm Camo Griffin wheels are designed for travel to suit any terrain.

This skateboard wheel has outstanding functionality with personality motifs. Also, it has camo graphics printed on the outside of the wheel, what will your skateboard look like?

Of course, it will turn your skateboard like a dashing warrior.

element skateboards wheels
Players can confidently show off their skillful skills thanks to its street-oriented motifs

Because this skateboard wheel has a street-inspired style, it is suitable for skateboarders to show off their skills at the park with a freestyle personality.

In addition to the company website, this product is already on the world’s largest e-commerce site – Amazon. You can find them here. Or you can also search for Element’s products through distribution channels such as eBay, Fado, …

Product information:

  • Size: 54 mm. This is the base size, not too big, nor too small for a skateboard wheel.
  • It has high adaptability. Therefore, you can use it to slide on any terrain from flat to rough terrain.
  • Hardness: 99A – high wheel parameters, so the hardness of the wheel is large. It allows players to practice difficult techniques like skateboarding on stairs, jumping, …
  • This skateboard wheel has structural formula according to Abec 7 standard and maximum efficiency.
  • Also, the Element brand logo printed on the wheel in combination with a stylish Camo.

3. Slimer 62mm Wheels

If you want to add a little horror set up with your skateboard, then you should choose 62mm Slimer.

element skateboards wheels
This is the perfect choice for those who have strong personalities and monstrous styles

The Element x Ghostbusters wheels are featured in a distinctive green color. It is also adorned with a little monstrous shape.

Slimer image, also known as Onionhead, Little Spud … Symbol of a legendary ghost is made up of Ectoplasm.

Also, If you stand on a wheel with Slimer motifs, you will become more stylish and wicked than anyone.

Besides, this is the perfect choice for those with strong personalities. Or simply just people who love Slimer.

Moreover, this wheel is the best choice for you to travel on uneven terrain.

Product information:

  • Filmer Slimer is 62mm in diameter. This is quite a large size for a regular skateboard. With this wheel, you can go faster. At the same time, it helps the user to increase the distance between the ground and the skateboard board.
  • Durometer: 78a. Skateboarders can use these wheels for their skateboards to travel on uneven road surfaces. Because the wheel is soft, it has increased resilience.
  • Collaboration: Element x Ghostbusters – a popular American film.
  • Bright colors: the main color is green. It is also combined with Slimer graphics, a mysterious, spooky style.
  • Set: includes 4 wheels. The set is basic and complete for players to perfect their skateboard.
  • Material: 100% urethane. This compound helps to protect the wheel from oxidation and wear from surrounding agents.

4. Section Rainbow 52mm Wheels

Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, purple. You are the one who loves the sky, loves the freedom, likes to watch the rainbow after the rain, you should not miss this model.

The rainbow has colors that represent hope, love, luck, and peace. A symbol of a promise of good things after a storm has passed.

If you are a realist or a dreamer, you can use this skateboard wheel.

element skateboards wheels
Material creating high quality wheel, providing great load capacity and can protect the floor as much as possible.

Product information:

  • Material: durable urethane. Section Rainbow 52mm Wheels have PU, which results in good wheel load capacity. In addition, it is also resistant to gasoline, oil, and other mild chemicals.
  • Size is 52mm which ensuring that players can move and move in a narrow range. It is suitable for athletes who downhill and perform many complex operations.
  • Hardness: 95a – Gives the skateboard more grip than soft wheels. When maneuvering on slippery terrain, you can also easily maneuver and control your skateboard.
  • Shape: Basic. Allows increased contact surface with the road surface. Therefore, when there is a great force, it will create friction and reduces movement. It is suitable for many people in the skateboarding community.

Thanks to the high end materials, this type of skateboard wheel has great load capacity and can protect the deck as much as possible.

5. Timber Remains 52mm Wheels

The wheel is built completely new by the famous brand Element. With a diameter of 52mm and your hardness of 99a, you can be ready for adventure.

element skateboards wheels
Timber Remains 52mm Wheels have high rigidity which allows you to move at high speed. Anyone who loves the game can feel adventurous.

The three colors white, black, and gold create a perfect icon. It is eye-catching and does not cause discomfort for anyone looking at it.

It is a set of four wheels. If you have it for your skateboard wheel, you can ride on endless roads.

With pure Urethane material, you can comfortably skateboard without worrying about damage.

Because of its great stiffness, so that it allows you to skateboard at fast speeds. You can experience high speed and adventure with the 52mm Timber Remains.


  • This type of wheel is preferred for those who are familiar with skateboards or professional skateboarders.
  • For those who are new to this sport, this wheel can also be used. However, keeping balance with beginners can be difficult. Due to the small surface contact area.

6. Filmer 62 Mm Wheels

The wheel diameter is quite important. Obviously, a larger and heavier wheel will have the ability to move faster.

The shape of the wheels will also make a huge difference in the way the skateboard glide. With its basic shape, it creates grip on the road surface, you can freely move as you like.

element skateboards wheels
Choose for yourself the Element Filmer 62MM for an enjoyable experience on the roads,

Modern Urethane material has a much higher degree of resilience than the older generation Urethane. Therefore, practice your skills to improve your level like Ollie with this wheel.

The Element Filmer 62MM in the Cruiser Formula offers you an enjoyable ride and experience.

Product information:

  • Diameter: 62 MM
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Material: 100% Urethane

7. Scribs 52mm Wheels

The wheel size 52mm, it issuitable for professional skateboarders and young adventure enthusiasts.

With Scribs 52mm Wheels, you can perform demanding tricks like skating on railing, rotating in the air, …

element skateboards wheels
Scribs 52mm Wheels makes it easy to perform highly complex skateboarding techniques

Not only that, but it can also slide on many different surfaces. From flat, smooth roads to rough terrain, winding, or steep roads.

You can show off your Grind skills, vert the skateboard, … if your skateboard owns this type of wheel.

PU material has a hardness up to 99A. This will be the perfect scale for those who like stability and durability.

If you are really passionate about ground skateboarding techniques with complex manipulations, you should choose this skateboard wheel.

The Element Scribs wheel carries the formula for maximum performance. Therefore, its design can move in any terrain. It gives the efficiency that people want to be able to achieve.

The cost spent on a quality product like this is not too high. Those interested can refer to more information at the Element brand website.

Product information:

  • Size, diameter: 52 mm
  • Wheel hardness: 99 A
  • Component material: 100% Urethane
  • Formula: Maximum performance

8. Rasta 70mm Wheels

The skateboard wheels have a large size – 70mm. This is definitely the right wheel for those who are just starting out with this sport.

If you do not have skills, balancing is extremely difficult. Especially for young people who are new to the profession. You can rest assured, the Rasta 70mm Wheels will do just that.

element skateboards wheels
With this wheel, you can use it to assemble a Penny (Cruiserboard) skateboard.

Large wheels allow large ground contact surface. Therefore, the ability to keep balance is high.

The rigidity is great for keeping stability and durability with less noise.

Especially, this skateboard wheel has a large contact surface which allows fast and smooth wheel movement.

This type is suitable for street or park skateboarding. It provides a smooth feeling when gliding on the road surface.

Besides, its rigidity and durability are suitable for most skateboarders and especially for the new members of this community.

With this wheel, you can use it to assemble a Penny (Cruiserboard) skateboard. This will be a perfect piece of the puzzle.

Product information:

  • Size: 70mm
  • 1 set: includes four wheels.
  • Diameter height: 70mm.
  • Material: 100% urethane.
  • Production: Element Skateboards

9. Feathers 53mm Wheels

An ordinary wheel is 50-60mm in diameter. This is a typical size measurement for the skateboard to move on any terrain.

element skateboards wheels
Thanks to a small and light design, you can take it anywhere. It is also very convenient during the assembly of the skateboard

At 53mm in diameter, it is suitable for you to use the 53mm Feathers all the way you want.

Also, the wheel volume is not too large to help you control the tricks and maneuverability of the game well.

Besides, the center core of the wheel is designed to add extra strength. With Featherlight Street technology, wheels increase impact resistance and reduce weight.

Moreover, you can take it anywhere for the convenience of your skateboard assembly.

You should install this wheel on your skateboard. It will be very suitable for you to have fun in the streets and large parks.

Product information:

  • Product’s name: Feathers 53mm Wheels
  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Hardness: 98A
  • Materials: 100% Polyurethane
  • Bearing: Abec 7

 10. Element Park Urethane Internationals Skateboard Wheel 52mm

Because the manufacturer has the formula to make the structural surface softer, Element Park Urethane is a top quality wheel.

element skateboards wheels
With a structure that makes the wheels softer which allows beginners to easily balance on their skateboard.

Diameter 52mm:

  • This diameter makes the skateboard closer to the ground. Therefore, players will be less likely to wobble during practice.
  • It also helps the user to control the skateboards to move smoothly and with less error.

Durometer: 98A:

  • Because it is in the range of 95-100A, Element Park Urethane Internationals Skateboard Wheel 52mm has the lowest friction compared to other wheels.
  • The player can use it to move at high speed. It has flexible and adaptable, so you can play skateboard in the park or on the street as you like.


  • This wheel is used for moving in a narrow range, unfavorable terrain conditions, or overcoming obstacles.
  • The reason for the above purpose is due to the small size. Although the contact surface is small and difficult to keep the lever and the body center, it is very effective in performing the moves.

Skateboard wheels are an indispensable part of a skateboard. Moreover, this part is very quickly damaged and often needs to be replaced.

Moreover, If you choose an Element skateboard wheel set, you will not have to worry about the quality of the products that the company offers in the market

Therefore, above are the best skateboard wheels of the Element brand, you can find more information on the company’s website for more details.

Today, skateboard components are distributed in most countries around the globe. You can also select Element’s shopping channel on the company’s website, Amazon, …

Choosing a set of wheels to match your skateboard will help you practice the movements and play with ease.


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