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When participating in skateboarding, a full-face helmet is indispensable safety protection. Skateboarders are more likely to be in danger if they are not protected with good equipment. Here are the 10+ most selected full-face skateboard helmets of 2021.

What is a Full Face skateboard helmet?

Full Face skateboard helmets or Full Face helmets for short helps you to protect your head safely. For a professional skateboarder, the helmet is indomitable. Full face helmets ensure safety for skateboarders.

full face skateboard helmet
The key function of a full-face helmet is to protect the safety of the riders if something goes wrong during the performance.

The key function of a full-face helmet is to protect the safety of the riders if something goes wrong during the performance. The most important human body part to be protected here is the head. Because the first part contains the central nervous system. This is also the organ that controls all human behavior and reflexes.

Therefore, if there is no maximum protection for this part, the risk of injury is very high when a problem occurs. In general, a full-face helmet will ensure your safe life. Minimize injuries that can be encountered due to an accident. Conventional helmets only protect the temples, skull and brain.

However, a Full Face helmet is different. It can help skaters protect more parts: the back of the neck, the chin, forehead, temples and face. Nowadays, full face helmets are not only protective. With a transformation full of personality, the helmet itself will also create its style for skateboarders.

Some tips for choosing a helmet:

  • Choose a helmet that fits your head. Not too big, not too small.
  • Do not use helmets with bolt joints, screws that are protruding more than 3mm.
  • The foam inside the helmet should be thick and smooth with the scalp. The outer shell is hard and sturdy.
  • Helmets must have quality inspection stamps issued by functional agencies.
  • The design of the helmet must not block the operator’s view of the skateboard.
  • Should buy products at reputable addresses, with clear origins and origins.
  • Train yourself a habit of using helmets to protect our health.

10+ full-face skateboard helmets below are 10+ most selected full-face skateboard helmets 2021. Let’s find out which products they are.

1. TSG – Pass, Pass Pro and Pass Pro Carbon Full-Face Longboard Helmets


TSG – Pass full-face helmet is an extremely safe and popular product in the skateboarding field. Although it has been on the commercial market since 2014. But until now, it is still a product that is loved and trusted by many people.

full face skateboard helmet
TSG is recognized as the best and most popular Longboard Downhill full-face helmet available on the market.

The hard shell is made from multi-layer interconnected EPS glass fiber that helps reduce weight loss and makes the TSG Pass helmet lighter and firmer.

With a wide viewing angle glass surface, the player can cover many aspects of the skateboarding process. Therefore, the peripheral field of view is wide, making it easy for the player to observe ambient factors such as obstacles.

With a protective shield designed to prevent fogging while the player regulates breathing and environmental factors. TSG full-face helmets with ventilation and an aspiration system help to clear the contact area inside. Skateboarders can freely enjoy on all roads.

The headphone slot holes allow the player to receive clear sound from the surroundings.

For user comfort, TSG Pass is designed with cheek padding. This pad can be adjusted according to different sizes. Suitable for all players. The full-face helmet inner pads are removable and completely washable.

The design enables the gasket to be clean. The helmet shell is constructed with a design that surrounds the user’s head. Maximum protection of vital organs – central nervous system control. The front cover is shorter than that of conventional full-face helmets. The interface of the helmet is light and stylish, so very quickly, it has attracted and won the trust of customers for many years. TSG is recognized as the best and most popular Longboard Downhill full-face helmet available on the market.

Necessary information:

  • Rating: ASTM F1952; EN1078
  • Structure: Multi-dimensional protection
  • Vision: Wide
  • Color: Variety of colors to choose from
  • Size:
  1. Small: 21.3 – 22 inches ~ 54 – 56 cm
  2. Medium: 22 – 22.8 inches ~ 56 – 58 cm
  3. Large: 22.8 – 23.6 inch ~ 58 – 60 cm
  4. Extra large: 23.6 – 24 inch ~ 60 – 61 cm

2. Predator DH6-X


Compared to products that have been manufactured before, Predator has been designed to add new functionality. This helmet now has an extra shield to prevent impact on the chin and a bar on the back of the neck that helps provide maximum protection for skaters.

full face skateboard helmet
This is one of the 10 most popular full-face helmets today

Constructed by an EPS Impact Foam liner, this type of material is widely available in high-quality helmets. EPS carry lightweight that helps those who possess it feels comfortable, not weighed down on the head.

The material is highly effective in reducing the force acting on the head. One way to reduce the impact is to convert some of the energy generated during the impact to heat and reduce the effect.

As well as the advantages of the TSG Pass, the Predator DH6-X has a wide peripheral field of view that creates maximum visibility and helps players easily handle skateboarding problems.

The silver mirror cover and black cover are the ultimate design for the changing weather. These two shields can be easily switched back and forth without tools. The size of this full-face helmet can suit everyone. Because of the ability to adjust the size to fit the size of the user’s head.

Besides, there are pads and cheek pads to feel smooth and protect you from impact. Not only that, there is a Double D-Ring fastener on the helmet. This is a fastener commonly used on full-face helmets.

The overwhelming point of the D-Ring is its adjustable length. Moreover, it also helps keep the helmet firmly, so that the helmet does not slip out in the face of high winds or impacts.

The constituent material is stainless steel. Therefore, it is very durable without worrying about breaking or dropping. This helmet also has a glasses system to protect the eyes and other parts of the face from negative climate effects such as rain, wind, dust and sunlight.

Necessary information: 

Structural design: Carbon protection; Lining in EPS

Weight: light

Standard: CPSC 

Certification: CE-1878

3. Bell Super 3R (MIPS)


Bell Super 3R (MIPS) is one of the top 10 most popular fullface helmets today.

full face skateboard helmet
Bell Super 3R (MIPS) is one of the top 10 most popular fullface helmets today.

This product has a large vison. Therefore, it helps players to easily observe. With the chin bar, you can remove it easily. Therefore, it is very convenient in all use cases.

This is also a plus for the Bell Super 3R with its unique and impressive detachable ability, you can own a two-in-one full-face helmet. During long trips or hikes, you can remove and carry them. With this chin bar, you can put it in your backpack, and take it wherever you want. It is very convenient for those who love to go adventurous.

When moving the skateboard on complex terrain or falling passes, players should install a barrier to protect the chin from the dangers if an incident occurs. Disassembly is also very easy. You will not have to spend too much time processing operations with it. It is an easy installation with high protection on technical roads.

The outer shell structure of Polycarbonate Fusion in Mold was pioneered by Bell. Along with the linkage with the EPS lining, has created a stronger helmet than ever.

In addition to the above outstanding features, Bell Super 3R also has an inner liner made of EPS Impact Foam. With this material, the helmet will provide skaters with protection from piercing objects.

As well as the distribution of energy impacts evenly. This is the standard of quality for action sports. Therefore, players can be assured of the impact resistance and protection of the Bell Super 3R full-face helmet. Not only does it have EPS standards, but it also has MIPS. The MIPS standard is a new standard in a revolution that protects the safety of helmets. This standard was developed by neurologists and scientists.

The study of the reduction in the force of rotation affecting the head of the team. Now, MIPS is becoming a common safety convention for the helmet industry for extreme sports. In terms of the visor unit, the Bell Super 3R is designed to accommodate the Google guide. It is both goggles and sunglasses.

Basic parameters:

  • Standard: MIPS
  • Features: 2in1
  • Visibility: Large periphery
  • Weight: 784g
  • Size:
  1. Small: 20.5 – 22 inches ~ 52 – 56 cm
  2. Medium: 21.7 – 23.2 inches ~ 55 – 59 cm
  3. Large: 22.8 – 24.4 inches ~ 58 – 62 cm
  • Ventilatory:
  1. Helmets: 23 vents
  2. Forehead: 4 ports
  3. Chin bar: 6 ports

4. Giro Switchblade MIPS


Like Bell Super 3R, Giro Switchblade MIPS is a full face helmet with a detachable chin bar with unique detachable chin bar technology. Basically, you have two helmets with two different styles and features.

full face skateboard helmet
Giro Switchblade MIPS has chin bars, increasing functional efficiency

This is a helmet that provides you with absolute comfort and safety. Moreover, it helps protect you as much as possible on difficult roads.

Its design can be transformed to suit the player’s needs. The Float Fit system helps you move with your skateboard without pressure. It feels much lighter and more comfortable than conventional helmets.

Giro Switchblade’s distinction that makes it stand out in the helmet market is its level of protection and ventilation. With Bell Super 3R Mips, it has multiple vents. Therefore, the ability to make outstanding cooling even in hot weather.

For the Giro Switchblade, instead of function with vents, it adds more layers of protection. Since the introduction of the consumer market to this day, Giro has owned three safety certifications: ASTM-1952-DH (an international standard for implementing the development and publication of safety product quality requirements), CE EN 1078 (The standard specifies requirements and test methods for helmets, types for use by cyclists, skis and roller skates). The test standards are texture, visibility, shock absorption, holding characteristics (straps and devices for fastening) and CPSC (Safety of consumer products).

Regulations on the production and consumption of products meet quality requirements. This product provides maximum protection for those who wear it. Engineered in the laboratory to leading standards of style and process. Therefore, products delivered to customers are those that have been tested for quality, safety and unique style.

Utilize multidirectional impact protection, impact reduction and faulty energy allocation (MIPS). The Roc Loc Air DH system fits perfectly and helps to hold your helmet on top of your head. As well as the ability to ventilate, allowing airflow to enter the helmet and exit in the vents behind the Giro Switchblade.

Technical information:

  • Size: Medium (55-59 cm)
  • Brand: Giro
  • Color: Matte Black Hypnotic
  • Standard: ASTM-1952-DH CE EN 1078 CPSC

5. A1 Lifer Full – Face


A1 Lifer Full – Face version is a full-face helmet that feels comfortable, snugly and highly protective properties. The weight of this skateboard helmet is light. Due to the structure containing EPS Fusion Foam. This foam layer is meticulously designed and unique to protect your head from serious damage during skateboarding.

full face skateboard helmet
It is perfect when using A1 Lifer for long trip.

Thanks to the shock-absorbing mechanism, it gives the user the optimum safety possible. This has reduced the ability to apply the force at different degrees. It is interesting to note that the A1 Lifer is 5 times more protective than other helmets.

Worth mentioning, this skateboard helmet has multifunction shielding. It has been certified by international standards: CPSC and ASTM. Its product quality is therefore much better than unrecognized skateboard helmets. It passes the test with high impact force and many times, under the technical standards.

Buyers can be assured when deciding to choose this product. This is a full-face helmet that is trusted by many people around the world. Not only for skateboarding activities, but buyers can also use it for cycling or roller skating. S1 Lifer has perfectly met all safety standards.

Now you can use it with skateboarding to take the mountain, cross the road, or practice the intricate tricks of the game. Ranked as the best-selling and safety helmet on the market. Not only beautiful in design but also high quality. It is perfect if you use the S1 Lifer helmet for downhill and long-distance skateboarding. This will be the perfect choice for you to protect your head and face.

In addition, the S1 Lifer has a sunscreen to protect the rider from the harmful rays. With a convex shield, transparent Silver material protect players against negative effects from UVA and UVB rays.

Necessary information:

  • Pads: EPS Fusion safe
  • Certification: CPSC; ASTM
  • Protection: 5 times
  • Design: Fits, multi-dimensional

6. Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet – Best Downhill Skateboard Helmet


The Downhill Racer Helmet Triple 8 is a great option for those looking to get a Full-Face helmet. The outer shell is constructed with fiberglass, increasing the resistance to strong impacts and protecting the user best.

When a collision occurs, the outer shell will bear the greatest impact force. It is an important part to withstand the impact and friction from outside. This shell is made with super durable material. Thanks to the high rigidity that protects the best player.

full face skateboard helmet
Triple 8 towards absolute safety with two dual certifications of helmet usage standards.

In the past, the manufacturer used ABS and HDPE for its structure. However, the one downside is that it increases the weight of the helmet, making the rider feel heavy and uncomfortable. To solve that problem, now this part has been designed and replaced with glass fiber and carbon fiber. That has reduced weight and increased endurance.

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet comes in a variety of designs and colors. Users can choose according to their preferences or needs. The inner lining made from Polystyrene foam material increases the ability to reduce vibration and reduce shock for the user.

This is the component that plays the most important role in the Full Face helmet. It has the effect of absorbing almost all the energy generated in the collision process.

Besides, it reduces and slows the impact of the force on the head. From there, helping you maximum protection and avoid unnecessary injuries, especially traumatic brain injury.

In addition to the above preeminent features, the aerodynamic exhaust system is also maximized. With this function, it saves you from having to worry about gas, bacteria and scalp mold. This design gives the player airy when wearing a helmet as well as limits wind resistance. The face shield protects you from dust, strong winds, etc. It guarantees you a wide view so that you can cover all the surroundings and easily handle unexpected situations.

Furthermore, this shield can be flipped up if you want. Inside is the cheek pad, lined with velvet. It makes you feel extremely smooth and comfortable. With this extra padding, your downhill skateboard helmet can be customized to fit.

Triple 8 towards absolute safety with two dual certifications of helmet usage standards. Standards ASTM F1952 and CPSC 1203, help you be confident when skateboarding on complex terrain and downhill. The size of the helmet is also varied. Therefore, buyers should consider and carefully consider the product to choose a suitable full-face helmet. It will be a reliable choice for everyone in 2021 and the years to come.

Basic information:

  • Certification: ASTM F1952; CPSC 1203
  • Vision: Wide
  • Design: Safe
  • Material: Solid, durable
  • Size:
  1. Small: 18.9 – 21.3 inches (48 – 54 cm)
  2. Medium: 21.7 – 22.8 inches (55 – 58 cm)
  3. Large: 23.2 – 24 inches (59 – 61 cm)

7. Ruroc RG1-DX – Cool Full Face Skateboard Helmet


The difference that makes Ruroc RG1-DX – Cool Full Face Skateboard Helmet leave an impression on customers is its extremely unique design. The designs have a breakthrough, making the Ruroc RG1-DX full-face helmets different from other conventional helmets. New appearance, carrying in the style of a warrior makes anyone who sees it want to own this masterpiece.

full face skateboard helmet
Ruroc RG1-DX, with powerful design, is the most sought after in the market today.

The helmet with an innovative and special design mainly protects the head, mouth and chin for the skaters. Like other good skateboard full-face helmets, RG1-DX has to go through strict standards as well to pass the test.

Ruroc RG1-DX has obtained international certifications: EN1077A EN1078 ATSM F2040 with omnidirectional impact protection technology, it is designed to reduce rotation force. This is a leading technology in the world to protect the head area of ​​the user from the negative effects of an accident. Going through a series of tests and standards, Ruroc RG1-DX has been responding to the strictest requirements of the market. Since then, it has become a reputable and quality full-face skateboard helmet at present.

The material makes the product safe for users. Besides, it is also very comfortable and stylish, which is suitable for you to create your personality. This is definitely the most advanced helmet with a great design, equipped with Recco reflector. You can locate your position when something goes wrong. The outer shell is made of sturdy ABS material. Combined with that is the liner for maximum impact absorption.

This department was designed and developed by the creation of a scientist at Imperial College London. The Rheon lining is made of liquid material. Therefore, resilience and distribution of the impact force are certain well. It reduces the risk of brain injury by up to 30%. This is the standard material used in Ruroc. The Fidlock strap makes it easy and time-consuming to put on and remove. Even when you wear gloves, you can perform operations with them very simply and quickly. Initially, Fidlock is a limited edition. But with the popularity of consumers, it gained popularity and became the new standard for DX.

Necessary information:

  • Outer shell material: durable ABS
  • Lining: Rheon
  • Reflector: Recco
  • Strap: Fidlock
  • Certification: EN 1077A, EN 1078 and ASTM F2040
  • Size:
  1. YL / S (54-56cm)
  2. M / L (57 – 59 cm)
  3. L / XXL (60 – 64 cm)

8. Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet (Matte Black, Large)


Super durable ABS shell construction with adjustable visor, this is an indispensable skateboard helmet for skateboarders. This design provides comfort and protection for skaters on the road with many obstacles.

full face skateboard helmet
Bell Sanction brings users comfort and flexibility on the difficult terrain.

Bell Sanction brings users comfort and flexibility on the difficult terrain. If you are a new member of the extreme street sport – skateboarding, then you should equip yourself with a Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet. This will be an option to help you solve the problems you are worried about. The fit of a visor but not airtight will make it extremely comfortable to use.

It has received dual certification of conformance to US CPSC safety standards and ASTM Downhill. So users can have absolute confidence in the quality of products that Bell Sanction brings. The inner lining is made of EPS foam material with velvet material, which creates smoothness and comfort while wearing a Full Face helmet.

X-static gasket protects skaters from harmful bacteria and odor-causing mold. Because of its fast-drying ability, it is handwoven by silver fibers, inhibiting the survival and growth of bacteria.

Overbrow ventilation system with 15 ports, helping to clear the space inside the helmet. Ventilation ports allow the air to escape. This creates new winds that have a chance to enter, making the internal parts cool. Thanks to this system, it helps to draw air in and push out the old air continuously. So even in hot weather, you can still feel cool and comfortable when skateboarding with this helmet.

The cheek pads can be customized in different positions. So that you feel most comfortable to use. It is removable and washable to keep it clean.

Product information:

  • Shell structure: ABS
  • Lining: EPS
  • Certification: CE EN1078; CPSC
  • Weight: 950g
  • Size:
  1. X-Small (48-51 cm)
  2. Small (52-54 cm)
  3. Medium (55-57 cm)
  4. Large (58-60 cm)



Considered as the champion’s choice, the M-5 (Gloss Black) has great features. This is the most popular fashion full-face helmet today. It is the result of many years of research to produce a product with outstanding features. After concept formation, development and extensive testing, the M-5 (Gloss Black) have attracted everyone for its protection, ultimate comfort and impressive fashion style.

full face skateboard helmet
M-5 (Gloss Black) is the ultimate combination of weight and safety.

The M-5 helmet has a lightweight outer protective shell. Thanks to the reinforced Polycarbonate, it provides just the exact thickness. An effective combination of optimum protection and lightweight. EPS lining helps increase resilience, reducing impact when subjected to a strong impact.

The manufacturer has adjusted the content according to a standard formulation and get absolute precision. The density of EPS in the mat is distributed differently depending on the location in contact with the head and face.

Depending on each part that it provides enough EPS to reduce impact and absorb energy for a given operation.

Along with the aerodynamic system and the classic design, this helmet has achieved many achievements in protecting people. The main motto is safety for users. All helmets of this line use the finest raw materials. The durability of this full-face helmet is highly appreciated by its 4-layer fiberglass design, which is accompanied by carbon fiber. This makes it more durable, safe and light for the user.

In critical areas susceptible to profound impact (frontal lobe, cephalopod, posterior neck and temples), two layers of fiberglass are added. From here, you can see in the software periphery, there are 4-6 carbon fibers and protective fiberglass.

In parts more susceptible to a dangerous impact, 8-10 strands are available for maximum strength and protection. Thanks to the special construction, the M-5 (Gloss Black) has two important functions at the same time, which are: Super light and Super durable.

Full Face M-5 (Gloss Black) Helmets have also passed the tests for premium certifications: ATSM1492 and ATSM1952. This certification is required for a high-quality helmet to be obtained. The M-5’s vision is also very wide that provides the best possible view.

Necessary information:

  • Material: Fiberglass; Carbon fiber
  • Lining Material: EPS
  • Certificate: ATSM1492; ATSM1952
  • Size:
  1. XS (53 – 54cm)
  2. S (55 – 56cm)
  3. M (57 – 58cm)
  4. L (59 – 60cm)
  5. XL (61 – 62cm)

10. Cannonball V2


The appearance has surprised fans and the full-face helmet manufacturing industry. After the first version, Cannonball V2 is reborn with a new and unique design than ever. It ensures protection and aerodynamics while retaining the round ball shape behind the helmet.

full face skateboard helmet
This is definitely a great choice for those who are passionate about skateboarding.

Not only that, this product is much lighter than the versions provided on the market before. On the surface, you can see that it has a very compact form. This will definitely be the choice of many young people who are passionate about skateboarding. Because of possessing excellent looks and outstanding features.

Although it has a protective glass layer, it still provides a great peripheral view. Cannonball V2’s forward vision will be an affordable choice to move the skateboard on the street or long distances. At high speed, you can still observe all the surrounding action.

With its sporty style and distinctive features, the skaters’ visibility is unrestricted. It comes with an anti-fog coating and resistance to scratches that give those in possession a great visor.

It even protects your eyes effectively from UV rays. The shell material is multilayer bonded fiberglass, which protects your head in its lightest state and is very strong.

The EPS lining has reduced the impact force on the head during impact. It helps users reduce pain and avoid dangerous injuries.
The cheek pad is designed to be super comfortable. You can remove the custom and re-insert the pads and gaskets to suit your needs.

Along with that is the vacuum system, ensuring that during the player’s breathing, the player will not create tiny air bubbles. Otherwise, it will blur the visor and reduce the user’s vision. The small holes on the sides of the ear provide both ventilation and improve hearing. It helps players feel the sounds around.

Cannonball V2 has met the ASTM standard. Specifically, the design, structure, and materials comply with the American Safety Standard ASTM F-1492-08. This is the safety standard for helmets specified in skateboarding. So users can be completely assured of the quality of the product.

ASTM – ASTM International is an organization that sets international standards. This organization develops and publishes standards for materials, products, etc.

Product Description:

  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Lining: EPS
  • Standard: ASTM
  • Weight: 850g
  • Size: XS / S / M / L

For skateboarders, they should get used to using a helmet to best protect themselves. For competitive athletes or terrain skating, you should equip yourself with a full-face helmet. Small falls can also cause major trauma. Therefore, don’t risk your life.


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