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The two wheeled electric skateboard is a smart skateboard. It operates on the principle of self-balance, so it can move flexibly on many different types of terrain. In 2015, this product was introduced to Vietnam and was well received by young people. So far, this product line is already available in many countries around the world. So what kind of electric two wheeled skateboard is the best on the market today?

Best two wheeled electric skateboard for 2021 (Top 10 Reviewed)

Skateboard is no stranger to the young generation who is interested in extreme sports. Recently, a new product modified from a regular skateboard has received great attention from consumers – it is the electric two-wheel skateboard.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Electric two wheeled skateboard – a trend that many young people love because it is convenient and cool

Two wheeled electric skateboard is a new technology product, It has the ability to self-move and balance without consuming human energy. Since its launch, this product has quickly become a new trend among young people and has also received a lot of attention from experts.

Many people like to bring their electric two wheeled skateboard to the square or public entertainment areas for skateboarding with their family and friends. This is also a means of transport when going to school or work. It is not only comfort but also a good way for people to show their own personality and style.

Hence, what kind of two-wheeled electric skateboard are many people using and most trusted in the market:

1. SKATEBOARD two wheeled electric skateboard

Since its launch, this product line has never been hotter for young people wishing to own a two-wheel electric skateboard.

A product that technology enthusiasts appreciate, because of its smart and compact design, with many outstanding utilities. Besides, electric skateboards have a modern and safe speed control system.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Skateboard is highly appreciated for its preeminent features which are suitable for young people who want to assert their personal style.

Furthermore, the balance is sensed by the gyroscope which helps you keep your balance while using it. The sensor’s internal working parts allow the gyros to move up, down, speed up and down, etc.

Especially, SKATEBOARD two wheeled electric skateboard uses Lithium-ion batteries that have high energy storage capacity and durability.

When using this product, you can move from 30 to 60 km on a single charge. The charging time is short, only 1-2 hours.

Maximum speed up to 10km / h, helping users to move easily and quickly.

Moreover, it has a compact design which can be carried on bus or other public transport equipment.

2. The Queen of Skateboards X-QUEEN

X-Queen two-wheel balance electric skateboard is the newest and high-end product line today. It has more outstanding features than many two-wheel balance electric skateboard models already on the market before. Because X-Queen has a soft beauty, it is suitable for youthful and personality women.

two wheeled electric skateboard
With a soft and personality beauty, it is really suitable for girls!

The outstanding use of an X-Queen is its ability to move smoothly. Because it has a stylish design, it makes the opponent feel impressed right from the first meeting. Also, it has a colorful LED light mounted on the wheel and frame of the board. Therefore, the lights emit light with many eye-catching colors every movement.

Moreover, the Bluetooth connected department can also play music on the phone. The user can play while listening to music to relax after a hard work or study day.

Also, its operation is based on the sensor automatically leveling, very easy to use. It also has many other features such as anti-slip, high friction which can be used on many terrains.

3. BATMAN warriors

This product is considered to be the smart and convenient two-wheel balancing electric skateboard.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Batman superhero is as cool and powerful as its name.

This electric skateboard is designed with subtle lines. Because its symbol is Batman’s hero, it has a strong and solid beauty.

Especially, the materials that make up a Batman are high-quality materials, with the most advanced technology made up. Users can feel secure when using it because it is quite safe and easy to use.

Moreover, it has an intelligent vehicle control system that can reduce speed when moving on complex roads. Also, it can gradually increase speed on flat roads, ensuring energy works.

It is like a warrior in the world of two-wheeled electric skateboards. Batman has a super powerful engine, good power saving, durable battery, and long service life.

Besides, the materials used to make Batman electric skateboard are sturdy, safe, and anti-rust.

Also, user protection systems used are Multi-dimensional protection, battery protection, and speed regulation protection.

4. X-HEART self-balancing two wheeled electric skateboard

X-heart has a battery system enhanced by Lithium-ion technology. This has greatly shortened the charging time, doubled operating capacity, giving users the experience of different speeds on the traveling lane.

two wheeled electric skateboard
With an extremely compact and sophisticated design, X-heart is sure not to disappoint you in terms of design and features!

Besides, its design is luxurious and classy with its design in the shape of a gradually smaller curve in the middle. With this design, the electric two wheeled skateboard becomes extremely slim and convenient. Lines on the stylized skateboard form a very subtle triangle. It does not only do it bring aesthetic value but also these patterns help players increase grip when standing on the board.

Moreover, this two wheeled electric skateboard is made of high-end plastic which creates certainty and gives durability during use as well as long-term operation and preservation.

Like the X-Queen, the X-heart two wheeled electric skateboard also has a Bluetooth connected department for the player to comfortably listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, the wheel is constructed with rubber material, which helps the board move smoothly and adapt to many difficult terrains.

Also, the deck has an additional design of embossed lines to ensure that the user does not slip while moving.

5.  The mystery dark blue Broller SW-B2

Broller SW-B2 is definitely a trend that has fascinated many young people in recent years. From a toy, it has evolved into an extremely useful means of transport.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Broller SW-B2, has a mysterious beauty that makes many people fall in love

Especially, this product has a minimalistic yet luxurious design with a mysterious dark blue color. It is suitable for both men and women with different personalities. This is considered a product with remarkable progress in the future.

Furthermore, the structure of the SW-B2 two wheeled electric skateboard is simple but solid because of the reinforcement of the aluminum frame on the side of the board. That is the reason why Broller SW-B2 can bear good force and move in many areas with obstacles.

Also, there is a unique rotating part between two decks which makes the skateboard to be more maneuverable and convenient.

In particular, the skateboard has a battery pack with an extremely large capacity up to 4.4 AH, and a capacity of 158W, you can enjoy with family and friends without fear of running out of energy.

Because the Broller SW-B2’s shell is made of alloy, it protects all internal components as much as possible from the harmful effects of the internal operation such as weather factors, impact, …

6. Masterpiece B02A

The success of the electric balance skateboard has not yet settled down, a new product of this line appears that player cannot ignore – the B02A electric balance skateboard.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Thanks to the large capacity and speed of B02A, the player can comfortably enjoy it with friends and relatives.

Because B02A is constructed of durable and strong alloys, it can withstand loads up to more than 100kg. Besides, the maximum speed that can be reached is 15km / h which is suitable for use on a large campus, park, etc.

Besides, this skateboard has a signaling function to control the amount of battery in use thanks to the indicator light system. With this function, the battery in the electric skateboard is better protected. Also, it helps limit the use of the battery without knowing it. When the battery capacity is below 10%, the light will automatically signal by emitting a flashing light signaling the user about the condition of the skateboard.

Especially, it does not only have signal lights but also is installed with lights that support in case space is dimly lit.

Moreover, B02A is equipped with many outstanding features, along with personality appearance, which meets the requirements of young people nowadays.

7. Personality with X-MOON (portable)

What do you think of a portable two wheeled electric skateboard? Isn’t that cool?

two wheeled electric skateboard
With portable design, you can take the X-Moon wherever you want, extremely convenient, right?

With handle-assisted functionality, you can take the X-moon wherever you want.

Particularly, the rotating shaft of the X-moon can withstand high forces and can move in different types of road, from flat to rough.

Besides, this electric two wheeled skateboard has a flexible wheel design that helps owners increase the durability of use and can use a balanced skateboard naturally and comfortably.

Particularly, an attractive highlight of X-Moon is the moon pattern printed on the skateboard that creates an aesthetic difference compared to other electric skateboards. The two sides of the wheel are decorated by colorful LED lights which helps the two wheeled electric skateboard stand out from the crowd.

8. Cool with R1 electric skateboard (E-Scooter)

Lately, E-Scooter is making the market shake with its outstanding features which can help you unleash your adventures.

The R1 electric skateboard (E-Scooter) is manufactured based on smart touch standards. The user does not need a control tool but they still can move the skateboard as they like.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Smart control system helps you comfortably play without worrying about losing your energy.

Especially, the rubber pad helps the player control the skateboard easily. To be able to move forward, backward, or turn left, right the player just needs to shrug and direct the center of the body to the desired direction to be able to move to that position.

Besides, it has a plastic shell, quite thick, and high durability. They ensure the skateboard to operate continuously without worrying about impact or friction.

Moreover, the battery of the electric skateboard has a capacity of up to 4400mAh and a voltage of 36V. The large capacity allows the skateboard to operate for long periods of time. The average travel distance of R1 up to 25km depending on the load carried.

9. Smart two wheeled electric skateboard – R10

Like Batman or X-moon, R10 has a modern and youthful appearance which is in favor of young people who are passionate about extreme sports. Smart electric 2-wheeled skateboard R10 series can self-control movements like a miniature scooter. You do not need to put your feet on the ground to push like traditional skateboards, nor do you need a handlebar or a controller. But here, it uses electricity and controls through the player himself while standing on the skateboard.

two wheeled electric skateboard
Players can control the electric skateboard and the center of the body easily thanks to gyroscope touch

Also, this product is equipped with a gyroscope sensor. From there, it helps the user to determine the center of gravity and the balanced position of the skateboard.

Moreover, the R10 Smart also has smart lights on both sides of the board. This allows the skateboard to provide light in poorly lit or low-light environments.

10. Electric two wheeled skateboard – Smart Balance Wheel

Like the R10 Smart model, the Smart Balance Wheel two wheeled electric skateboard series also has a smart LED light. This feature is used for both lighting and creating your own style with flash and alarm on in case of low battery power.

Especially, this skateboard has a protection mode in case the speed reaches the permissible limit. It ensures the skateboard operates at a safe speed. When the skateboard exceeds the maximum speed, the deceleration system will be activated. The deceleration mode increases gradually to prevent further acceleration.

Moreover, it can withstand loads up to 100kg thanks to premium design and sturdy materials. Players can comfortably use it without worrying about damage.

Two wheeled electric skateboards above have new, attractive, and outstanding features. These factors meet the strict requirements of the customers to become the top two wheeled electric skateboards trusted by everyone in the world.


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