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Are you a skateboard enthusiast? Do you want to get a skateboard for yourself? You don’t know how to choose the right size skateboard, do you? Let’s find out the information to select a suitable skateboard!

What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

If you want to look for the very first board for yourself to participating in this fascinating sport or a good board to give your relatives and your friends, you should learn how to choose the suitable size for the users.

what size skateboard should i get
How to choose a suitable size skateboard?

Skateboarding is a popular sport in the world. However, over the decades, people didn’t find out an accurate way to determine the suitable board size for the skater. It is a challenge for beginners.
Don’t worry about it. Based on the experience of choosing the skateboard of the “veteran players”, you can apply the simple ways to select the appropriate size of the skateboard. Here are some notes for you to consider before choosing a board:

1.Deck size

The deck is the largest part of the skateboard. It is an important part, so you should consider it carefully before getting your skateboard. Each manufacturer will create deck sizes that are different from each other in terms of lengths, widths, and curvatures on the two head sides. For example, Flip, Girl, or Blind doesn’t have the same curvature as each other.

what skate deck size should i get
Deck size is a feature for the player in selecting a suitable skateboard.

Deck size is a feature for the player in selecting a suitable skateboard. The length, width, and curvature of the skateboard deck have differences based on the tendency of the skaters. For this reason, each model has a different size. For example, the Baker’s deck has an OG Shape stamp to show the length, width, and curvature of the skateboard deck.

If you buy a skateboard with a large deck, you will easier to stand and keep balance better. But it is difficult for the skater to rotate vertically or horizontally.

With the narrow skateboard deck, the player will find it easier to perform the movements like Flip or Spin and so on. But keeping balance is a challenge for the player with this deck size. The people who buy the board with the narrow deck will be suitable for the tricky techniques.

Some people wondered why the skateboard had a variety of sizes. The reason is that the size of the deck mainly depends on the user’s foot size and the way they play. Therefore, it is necessary to have many sizes to satisfy the maximum user request.

The size of the skateboard is measured horizontally, the unit is an inch. The manufacturers usually create skateboard according to the standard sizes like 7.6, 7.8, 8.0, and 8.25. These are the popular sizes, but it also has a larger size. With the variety of sizes, the skaters also have many choices in selecting skateboard for themselves.

For those who are passionate about the flip trick movement, a narrow board will be the most optimal choice. So why is this size the most optimal? The narrow skateboard deck will make the movement more flexible, besides the operation will be faster. For those who like to try the feeling of jumping on stairs, the wide board isn’t a bad choice because the large deck helps the player to keep balance better.

You can find hardly to remark the difference in the skateboard size because the vary in these sizes are very small. For example, the difference from 8.0 to 8.25 inches about 6.3 mm (too small), so it is difficult for players to know this change.

Most players have to spend quite a long time skateboarding, about six months to a year to realize this difference. And usually, at this time, your board needs to be replaced.

The width of the board surface will be proportional to the rider’s shoe size. Based on the foot size, a man with a shoe size between 39-42 should choose a skateboard with a size between 7.6-8.0 inches. From size 42 up, you should choose a deck from 8.0-8.5. For girls, they should select sizes from 7.6 to 8.0.

Based on the needs of the rider, it is advisable to choose a small deck size for those who like tricks because this stage requires absolute mastery and precision in a narrow ground. If it used to practice ladder jumping the stairs or move on the road, the large size board is the optimal choice.

For beginners, you should choose a popular board size of 8.0 inches or maybe a little larger or smaller. It is an ideal size for beginners to practice. After a time of becoming more proficient, players choose to buy the deck size that best suits their feet and needs.

Here are some standard sizes:

  • 7.7-8.0 inches: Standard size is suitable for the skater with the tricky techniques.
  • 8.0-8.25 inches: Suitable for skating in the park skis, ramps, and so on.
  • 8.25 inches +: Suitable in the large areas such as public entertainment, hiking, vert, and so on.
  • Full size: (7.5 inches +): Usually for teenagers, the height is more than 1.6 m with shoe size is from 41.
    Midsize: (7.3 inches): Ages 9-12 years old. The height is from 1.3 m to 1.6 m. The foot size is from 37 – 39.
    Mini (7.0 inches): Ages 6-8 years old. The height is from 1m to 1m2. The foot size is from 34 – 36.
    Micro (6.6-6.75 inches): For five years old children or younger, the height is less than 1 m.

To avoid choosing unsuitable and wasteful products, firstly, you should select the size of the board. After that, you must select the type of skateboard: formal or long skateboard and brand name, and so on.

2. Truck size

The shaft is the second quite important part. It is the part that connects the board and wheels. This shaft makes from metal with a T-shape structure is placed under the end of two head sides of the board.

what size trucks should i get
The shaft maintains the stability of the skateboard, so you should choose a size that proportional to the deck!

In formal, the truck size will not be too long on the width of the board. It can be the same or smaller. Except for Vert or Mega ramp, this is not available in our country. If you have reached this level, I think you have enough confidence to choose your right size.

When choosing the shaft of the board, you should select the board shaft with the length of two sides as the same as the width of the board. The difference between the shaft and the board affects the players in the process of skateboarding.

Therefore, when choosing the board shaft, you should consider the size of the board. The larger the board is, the longer the shaft is.

Several criteria are given so that the buyer can more easily choose the right products. When selecting a truck, it is necessary to base on the width of the deck:

  • The deck is from 8.4 – 8.6 inches – the truck is 5.75 inches
  • The deck is from 8.1 – 8.3 inches – the truck is 5.5 inches
  • The deck is from 7.8 to 8.0 inches- the truck is 5.25 inches
  • The deck is from 7.4 to 7.75 inches – the truck is 5.0 inches

The height of the shaft also affects the purchase of the deck. There are three levels to divide the height of the truck:

  • Low: A low truck will help players more easily in flip movements. With a low-height truck, you should use the wheel with a diameter from 50mm to 53mm.
  • Mid: This height is suitable for Grind. You can play skateboarding in the park as well as on the roadway. The wheel’s diameter is from 53mm to 56mm.
  • High: The Grind movements perform with no trouble. Using Pop will take energy, but it affects flying. Suggested wheels have a diameter of 56mm or more.

3. Wheel size

To be able to choose the right size skateboard, we also need to consider the wheel. Looking at the overall types of skateboards, we can see that two types of wheels are popular in the market: circular and square wheels.

what size skateboard wheels should i get
Some circular wheel styles allow us to move with high speed and perform complex skills

The circular wheel is suitable for those who like to perform tricky movements on the ground while the square shape is fit for those who want to ensure safety, especially for beginners.

What wheel size is appropriate for the need to buy a skateboard? Depending on the shape and size of the wheel, it is possible to control the speed and the skills performance as you want.

  • If you skateboard on favorable terrains such as flat bricks or the floor, you should choose a wheel size with a diameter from 50 mm to 53 mm. Because the small wheels can move flexibly, it is easier to accelerate. This size of the wheel is suitable for the skater in the competition and the park.
  • If you enjoy skateboarding on the asphalted road, or some places with rough terrain, choose boards with a diameter of 52 mm or more is a good idea. Because of its large structure, players often use them for  downing hills, or traveling.

4. The Human Factors:

Shoe size:

Are you wondering that is it essential to choose the right shoe size for the right size of the skateboard? It is only related, but it is also closely related to the skateboard size!

Shoe size is the most significant factor in choosing the right board width. All swing, flip, and also swing the board require the riders to have a perfect combination of feet and skateboard.

If your foot size is big, but your skateboard is narrow, you will not likely be able to flip and swing the board. On the other hand, your shoe size is too small alongside the board, it will be difficult for you to keep balance.

However, some professional skaters use the 7.75 inches board while their shoe size is 44. Some people take size 38 in the shoe, but their boards must be up to 8.25 inches. The reason for this issue is that the player’s skill has reached a high level, so it is easy for them to perform complex skills despite their shoe size and skateboard size are not adequate though.

Based on the skill, level, and foot size, the skater chooses the board to suit the purpose of skateboarding.

Individual style

If you like to skateboard at parks or streets, and you value the safety, you should choose a skateboard with a large deck. With its large size, the skateboard will maximize its features, create stability and balance. Not only in the parks and the large area, but you can also bring it when traveling.

what size skateboard should i buy
Are you adventurous? Do you like to go on a trip? Do you like the square?

For adventurous young people, they should choose a narrower board because it allows you to perform highly skilled movements that challenge yourself. The structure of the board and wheels is small, allowing you to be able to flip board, rotate the boards in the air and so on.

The racers who prefer the narrow floors to show off their skills should choose skateboard size from 7.0 to 8.0 inches.

For those who have a more mature style and prefer safety, they should choose for themselves a board with a size of 8.0 inches or more. It is suitable for some terrains such as parks, stairs, or the large pavements.

The skills

The attraction of skateboarding is undeniable. Thanks to its high entertainment and youthful style, it becomes popular with many people. If you practice hard, you will be able to reach a certain level, master the tricky movements that require high skills.

what size skateboard should i get
There are many difficult and dangerous moves in skateboarding. Choosing a suitable board is a wise way for you to conquer all challenges.

Children and beginners should consider the larger size skateboard. A long skateboard is the best choice for you to practice. Due to the long and large deck, along with the big wheels, it is possible to keep balance on this board. Besides, we can also use it as transportation to bring us an enjoyable feeling.

Professional skaters usually get the small skateboard, because it’s comfortable and easier to adapt to the different performance ground or narrow range. Skater can perform moves like Shuvit and Pop Shuvit, Frontside 180, Kickflip without difficulty that the big boards are hard to do.

Don’t be afraid to try different sizes to find out the best board for you!


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